Where is my Easter Bunny’s Left Foot?

Oh no! It cannot be true! Someone has stolen my Bunny’s left foot… behind my back….I have my suspicions, who it might be. Perhaps, they thought,  I might not notice a missing left foot…well I did, and I am not a happy bunny either! If you are having trouble with your sugar levels, please do not take it out on the bunny! I exclaim! What did the bunny ever do to you? I mean, it does not bring a lot to the table- its smooth exterior is very photogenic, and it has a very sweet disposition, but that is no excuse. I must put my foot down, well both feet down as I still have them, and exclaim once more THE BUNNY IS MINE! HANDS OFF MY BUNNY! She exclaimed again!  I know that the most important lessons we have to learn in life is to ‘let go’. May I say, right here, right now, I AM NOT READY! more exclaiming! So hands off the bunny (please do not steal its cute little hands) or there will be big  big trouble!


Mel Torme -April Showers…Now this man knew how to put a song over…if you have only ever heard the name …have a little watch at his delivery…sparkling! Sorry to be pessimistic about the weather…also congrats to all my postaday 2011 bloggers …its 100 days today.


  1. Isn’t YouTube great? There’s no way in the world stuff like this would otherwise be available to the general public. There’s some real treasures to be found.

    Congrats on making it to the big 100 😉 Ready for the next 100?

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