Song of the Day – Mony Mony

tommy james and the shondells

It’s so great when you hear a song somewhere and hear it like it was the first time! I heard this in HMV yesterday and had that moment of wonder again! Had to hold back from leaping into a full 60’s dance in the middle of the shop. And what a name  Tommy James and the Shondells…cracking. Might need to arrange this one for choirs…the ending break down is particularly good.

And the Band Played On….

THE SHoeless...

Well actually, they did not, all the gear was packed up after a nearly 4 hour end of week concert. All the goodbyes last night got a bit emotional for me,  gulp ..quite normal for me to have a little blub and then not be able to stop….can’t keep it in…7 days of being with all these lovely staff and students for 12 hours a day and then messing up my verse in the last  big piece didn’t help ( Possibly only SS and DC noticed). So cried all the way home on the tube, but as it was nearly midnight on a friday night and most people were  a bit past their best (putting it politely) and as  I kept all snorting  and wheezing  inside, no-one noticed, I just looked a bit allergic or gin ridden, so blended in quite nicely. So this morning  I am missing them all and will be until the next new thing kicks in, which is in about 10 minutes.

I hold  special place in my heart for  my  Guildhall chums,  right next to all my singers and wish them well for the year to come, and hope that maybe I shall see some of them sooner. Now where is that train ticket?


practising for the end of course song


Nothing to do with the last week. I heard it really late when I got home and it hit a chord of nostalgia. Blimey she sings a top C in this…tried it ..but a bit too early in the morning. Love the video!


Today, I shall be singing and recording and directing and conducting and stuff for about 14 hours. I am so lucky…By the end of the longest concert ( 35 groups 10 minutes each…I’ll leave you to do the maths) I shall be very sad to leave all my lovely  musician friends who I will probably not see until this time next year. Boo hoo.  Thank goodness for facebook…sometimes it does fill in the void…a bit.


I am dedicating this song to all  my Guildhall Mates, something to keep your spirits up…ha ha!  See you all next year.

SONG OF THE DAY – Scaffold – Lily the Pink

 ” I hate it when these no-talent groups rely only on their striking good looks to become famous.”

Another Tin of Organic Sweetcorn

Last night it had tahini and miso and butter as condiments, tonight it is sardines, ( take note, DV) lemon, butter and tamari and it is way past supper time too.  I am too busy to cook. it is my day five, teaching at the Guildhall Rock and Jazz Summer school . Too many charts to write out, song books to sort…etc etc….having a gas. Tuesday Night’s gig was the most fun I have  ever had on stage with a loud drummer ( ha ha ).

Here is a constant craving snippet of me  singing with DC on AV’s (what does this all mean?) and the luscious band ..there that was short and sweet!

2 more long long fun filled days of bands and singers and choirs and recording and concerts. The end of week concert has 35 acts and they are supposed to be limited to 6 minutes each ….ha ha…that will never happen with so many Jazzers…One year the end of week concert lasted 4 hours. So there will be siege mentality on Friday…extra kendal mint cake all round….

So hopefully I shall get something a bit more substantial than porridge or Sweetcorn tommorrow.

SONG OF THE DAY -Rikki Lee Jones-Last Chance

The Band did this last night with DC on vocals and I was reminded what a great song it was. And what a marathon sing it is. YOu have to have a finely crafted voice to do this one justice…and DC most serpantly did!

Song of the Day

Still having the time of me life….great bunch of singers on the  week rock and jazz  course.

Hanging with my musician  homies…Singing most of the day, when not chilling with all my favourite musicians in the universe. Lunching from the stalls in Whitecross Street near the college. Get to sing with my new ‘for one night only’ band tomorrow. Every night there is a tutor gig before the ‘open mics’ for the students so had the fastest rehearsal tonight with my allotted band          ( yippee) Here is a  tiny snippet  of our practice…I cannot tell who is me and who is DC, my vocalist buddy…we make a great team….the rest of the band are completely Lush… You will have to come to the theatre at the Guildhall at 7.15 tonight to see the rest of our hour long set.

It will be a cracker.

Song of the Day Purple Rain -Prince

Nothing Like a Good Sing to Get you Back on Track

Yup…that really helped. Singing really helps A wonderful  ‘singers weekend’ at the Guildhall School of Music with singers from all sorts of places, including a bunch of kids from Norway and their lovely teacher. We did the concert tonight at the end of two days of workshops, with a  blindin’ quartet. It was lovely…. bit of African, bit of Gospel, bit of Folk a bit of Soul and Pop. There was me, Scatt and Lucky  leading songs. Funny though as next door and part of the same building  about 5 paces away, in the Barbican, one of the biggest complex of concert halls in London, they were having a festival of  ‘Extraordinary Voices’. I popped in at Lunchtime and noticed that the London Gay Men’s Chorus, the London Bulgarian Choir, The London Georgian Choir, The Feral Choir, Orlando Gough and numerous other local choirs were performing, but we were completely unlinked to this event even though we were literally metres away.

It is often like that in London, the left hand has no idea what the right is doing. Community is very small. I often try to build bridges between neighbourhood creative organisations, but it can be really  difficult. But we had a lovely time….

I am teaching for another 5 days on the Rock and Pop summer school…one of the highlights of my year as I get to hang with a load of amazingly delicious musicians, (with a couple of old  chauvinistic ‘pop is crap’ jazzers just to keep it interesting) so you will not be getting much sense out of me this week, as I will be having way too much fun!


Detroit Mass Choir – The Storm Is Passing Over

Gospel is just one of the most wonderful song forms. Love the fact the audience participate, encouraging, clapping etc. Thats what music should be.We should all be involved in it.