Hallo hallo

Its been a rip roaring summer..singing under canvas and at the Guildhall Summer School. Yesterday I wrote and recorded this..My idea of a lovely day..plugged into a pair of headphones and Logic X for some considerable hours, on my own. I am a bit of an ‘ants in my pants’ type of person, but once I am absorbed with writing and recording a new song…I am glued to the spot.

Love you to give it a spin…. right now am arranging it for a choir…that bit is always a bit trickier…hope you are having a good day x



I have a donate page

yes!  A DONATE PAGE (Click on it to find it ) Finally managed to work out the buttons. A couple of people in choir have said they would like to help, and I have been trying to get a patronage page together with lots of help and support of   my friend and Choir member Sarolta who runs https://www.dreambuildingstudio.com .

But in the meantime, now is as good as any time so, abundance I invite you in !!!



Happy Birthday to Me

Well good morning me and a Happy Birthday to me.. I made it! Another year on the planet..I am right now tucked up in my cave in London eating chocolate for breakfast, preparing for first choir session of the term which is this evening..Such a good thing to be doing on your birthday.. Just had a couple of weeks,  ‘so called’ off and realised as usual I was not idle. I wrote and recorded the song above, sent it off for two pitches, which it was rejected as not being commercial enough..I cried the first time. That’s ok, still have work to do with rejection, having lots of practise at the moment.

I wrote 2 -2 minute multi layered ‘ Hans Zimmer, Eric Whittaker ( my husband -ha ha)’ pieces, which I have sent off to another pitch. I arranged Perfect Day and 3 Northumbrian folk songs (as well as arranging ‘it’s all I got’ for my choir) for acapella. Me and Andy recorded extra vocals on a couple of tracks which I pitched for a duet request and we got Melting passed on to the next stage of a potential movie pitch. 

3 Bucket Jones also got a support gig in London on the 2nd June with The Skyline Drivers ( more information later)  which you can all come  and it looks like I shall be piloting a new lunchtime staff choir at UCL for the summer term. I also sat on a on  cottage  on a mountain in Wales for 36 hours and read a funny and  inspirational book  by Anne Lamott called Bird by Bird about writing and saw some real stars.. So all in all, a good time was had and the Summer and a New Year starts today. Have a good day everyone.

A tidy desk is a tidy desk…


So finally there is a couple of weeks for me to tidy my desk and have a bit of time to reflect on the then, the now, and the later on…

I am quite good at embracing the concept of rest and recovery, but its a bit like 100pmh to 0mph..which seems to suggest I always leave it a bit late and the recovery happens when I am in crash mode…nope..actuall feeling pretty darned good and ready to take on another term of lovely singing starting 23rd April.

It has been a glorious term and even though my term off did not go according to plan ( there was a plan? ) I feel I had a chance to appreciate how much my choirs mean to me and what an important part of my life singing with other people is.

Here is a wonderful  version of Single Sky that I wrote and recorded with Andrew McCrorie-Shand as part of my 3 Bucket Jones life. Arranging it for my singing tribe, and the Bishopsgate Singers embracing it  and singing it so beautifully feels likely creative  dots are being joined, if the makes any sense. We also sung another Bucket Song in the Tubthumpers Chorus but yet to record it..Thanks to Bob Karper for filming it. I feel a string quartet moment coming on….



Yay! How about that..the illustrious Tom Robinson mentioned you on his mix tape programme…I got 60% of a three minute song played… I wrote, recorded, and put out in 2 days played, so that was an all roundly exciting moment for us all! There are some great pieces of new music on the hour long programme too.

Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images

2 AMAZING  things are happening tonight..Sunday Night/ Monday Morning 18th 19th March 2018

A new radio station begins TONIGHT  MYSTERY TRAIN RADIO  champions of singer songwriters and great music, Alex Huskisson has played many of our tracks when the show was a Sunday night thing and now its a 24/7 radio show and is going to be  fantastic. Not only new music but legendary shows will be aired again….it starts at 10pm tonight…And we ..thats 3 Bucket Jones are having our first airplay on Radio 6 on the BBC INTRODUCING SHOW at 2am which is completely wonderful and all came about from replying to a tweet from Tom Robinson who is another champion . It is on a podcast with all the info HERE so you can listen later too. I am thrilled that the track that was chosen was strangely written and recorded in my cave/bedroom  in London and I mixed produced it all on my own…funny turn of events really.IMG_1132

Progress Update

The little triangle  on the photo of the train, when pressed, plays a song….Well we are not snowed in in London. And right now the sun is in my eyes. I am having a great term – after having a term off to tidy my bedroom ( oops forgot) I am back running my choirs. There has been a bit of belt tightening going on (the freelancer’s dilemma) which means our last two SINGLE OF THE MONTHs  have been recorded and mixed in the Tiny Studio in Holloway where I also sleep….aka ‘the bedroom’. Here is a photo of me in same room in 1996 with a chunky 8 track reel to reel.Yes there is music in the walls. I have sung every choir song and written literally hundreds of songs in this spot. Its a very special 8ft by 7ft.

It’s always great that people listen to the music – It didn’t happen at all in the days of cassette demos when we spend months making an album just to be thwarted by the first A&M man who said they didn’t like it. Buying music these days has become an enigma for most people, the young at heart can always find  a way to download it  for free and laugh at the idea of paying for music, and the more mature can’t see the point, if its not something you can hold in your hand. Some do and I thank you. You have a very special place my heart and you know who you are.

Anyway all feedback, apart from nasty stuff, gratefully received.

Careful with the snow.

I laughed the first time I heard Will I Am say that on THE VOICE.

I thought he had made it up! It was a polite way of saying someone was out of tune. I used it in choir and we all laughed. How we laughed..’pitchy’ ha ha ha..And then last week, I had sent this track to someone and the feed back was “If there is any comment I could give you it’s a bit pitchy”…Now the boot is on the other foot and I am laughing and spitting, but also questioning our current need for  ‘absolutely tuning’…Now there is a device that everyone uses to ‘tweak’ vocals so almost  all commercial vocals are bang on. It means if we listen to that type of music, we are getting so used to it, that the old human voices of yesteryear ( remember Mark Almond?) are not really what our ears want? OR are we wanting to hear vocals with rough edges?…It’s a bit  like airbrushing the voice..taking the wrinkles and the lines out…I will say that our first two albums I did not tweak one note …During the ‘singles ‘ once, I had a great take and there was a note that made me squirm and I tuned it…but it is like first aid…not cosmetic surgery…useful for the occasional  little zit on an emotional face.

So then I listen to my track just for the tuning and not for the emotion…that is sad and I think well there might be a couple of notes that are not ‘bang on’ but they are gone in a minutiae and they are part of the song….

Its a dilemma…because once you start with the vocal airbrushing, when do you stop? Its maybe vocal botox…ha ha . So I just have to laugh.

So here is the offending track…No-one has asked me who the people are on the cover yet….

It is noted that most of my friends and I are working on the ‘coal face’. That seems to mean that are doing  ‘real work’ in our communities and no-one in the world of the media has noticed us yet, or shined a light, and no-one, apart from the people nearest to us accolade us with more than golden chutney awards ( for which I am most grateful) or says we are  we are ‘the country’s favourite bla bla bla’, or what ever. It is great work. We connect people. We have lots of fun. There are people in my choir who met and got married, became friends, send me photos of them on their holidays together while I am working my butt off making music for them in my little cave in Norf London. Its brilliant! Its badly paid and really hard work.

Then I find trying to get  my  own music played in the world of the media almost impenetrable.  I have been trying hard for decades.  Sometimes it feel creatively  like being underground in a mine and not being able to get to the surface. Stuck in the pit, covered in soot with no way of getting to the light however hard you try. Just like my Grandfathers.

I have been thinking about the coalface a lot recently, as I am fast approaching the age that both my Grandads died from working down the mine. I joke that emphysema runs in the family. I am sad I never got to meet either of my grandfathers, but it also makes me think about all the things I have been able to do with my life and how I have to carry a light for them. I am very lucky.

Maybe I will continue to work really really hard doing what I do and no-one, apart from my close knit community will see it, and maybe that is actually real life and the shining light of fame is a load of old cobblers. I found this postcard on the internet and love it! So this year ahead I shall be thinking a lot about working on the coalface and how we get back up to the light, and what the light actually is or whether the lantern and the canary are all we need.

I have been working hard this week, setting up all the songs for the gorgeous choirs. In between we managed a song, recorded wrote it in 2 days at home…and its a cracker! Just press play …..Bandcamp is a great place to buy music and its worth a go, as you can pay what you want ,or just listen to it..and the artists gets a good  percentage .

Is anybody out there?

hallo halloo…hope all is well

I used to blog everyday in 2011 and now I tend just to post up when something has happened that I  am excited about or I would like people to look at . I am excited about my choirs and excited about writing songs and recording them.

I supposed there is no reason why anyone  else should be excited about me writing and recording songs, lots of people tend to shuffle about a bit and seem almost embarrassed by my second career,  that is something I have to do to stay sane. Always was a songwriter from a very early age, that’s how I arrange acapella.

I  was talking to someone the other day about people not saying stuff, and how you end up imaging the worst because they don’t talk to you . For instance 4  people out of my over  100 choir members download my tracks, which is a positive and lovely thing..the rest do not, and I  hear nothing, so I  imagine the worst…they hate what I  do…I run choirs..I should bloody well stick to that..I am a show off…My music is shit, my voice is shit, I’m too  old, big headed, shit…etc etc bla bla bla bla bla bla

It might be it’s not their type of music, they are too busy, they don’t know how to download bandcamp, they listened to something I did a long time ago and made a decision then that it was not their thing. .They listen and like it but just imagine they don’t need to tell me, because I already know. I imagine most people don’t really give my songs a  chance..If you hear stuff on the radio there are very very very few songs that hook you the first time you hear them..they often get you the second or third time…but imagine  most of my friends don’t give me that luxury, and the chances of anyone I don’t  know doing that is even less…

My mum decided long ago she did not like my voice..so thats the end of that..I suppose at least she told me so I don’t have to imagine the worst…ha ha

Its a curious old thing…

So here I am again..exhibiting my wears once again to the deafening silence of the world wide web…I stopped reading this about two paragraphs ago..and possibly only the stalkers and the sociopaths are probably left ( thank you ladies)

Bandcamp is easy to manoeuvre and you can download the track for free…It is not rocket science..needs must as with all things…anyway…must get on with that room tidying and thank most kindly the 12 people who have, during   the last 10 months have bought our music…..One day it will be the ‘best kept secret’ ..oh shit! it is x x x x


the christmas single is on its way too and the video is being made on Thursday

Single Of the Month – September – Melting

Tough old time..dear friends passing ..end of a long busy choir year…sometimes the bit between feeling better and resting up is unbearable.

We keep on keeping on and have to be resolute, that whether you listen or not, we will continue to release a new song every month –

with the hope of developing our craft and having something beautiful to listen to. I am loving all the singles we have done so far which are all listed together on the 3 BUCKET JONES  website

So the next 3 months is about having a break from my beloved choirs..which is already hard, to tidy my bedroom,my mind and my spirit. To find some time to write and arrange songs for 3 Bucket Jones and the Choirs and maybe both together.

here is the September song…a love song



SINGLE OF THE MONTH – 3 bucket jones

I am really happy that we are now about to release out July single and are still on track for releasing a single every month for the next year. if you have missed any of the songs since march , here is them all in a handy page for you to have a listen to and even buy .


END OF TERM celebrations

As I lie in a darkened room unable to move far, apart from occasionally to tears         ( most teachers will understand this end of term thing, you have to be built like godzilla not to end up feeling like this at the end of term – especially if it has been quite a lot of work, new challenges and you don’t resort to alcohol..ha ha ) . I am at present joined by  a sleeping orange cat ( who has been renamed the orange slug) who does not even belong to me,  just visits for food and quiet. I am  recovering from one hell of a  brilliant term of singing, the lovely emails keep coming through to reflect that, but it takes its toll. I  wish I had someone who could bring me food …..now…please.

Here is one of my favourite moments from the term that happened on Tuesday night at the Conway Hall LONDON. Paul had a single camera at the back..thank you..soon Bob’s fancy version will come through…. Need more tenors and basses for next term..check out LONDON CHOIRS in my pages up top…enjoy!

Very excited about our next gig with the choirs  -the tubthumping chorus, the old bishops -who need a new name and special guests broomdasher – a  16 piece acapella folk group with Sally Davies at the helm who runs the Cecil Sharpe Folk Choir, also 3 Bucket Jones -the trio gitika is in who performed with the choirs last year art Cecil Sharp House will be making an appearance. it is at the Conway Hall in London near holborn and there will be 2 50 minute sets of splendid acapella song with a little bit of acoustic song thrown in for good measure.









 click here is the link for buying tickets,


Going Home

Well the summer holiday was full of complete exhaustion from the 3 Bucket Jones tour, I bet big super musician don’t have to do all their own admin organising every thing,

and we had different marvellous singers at every show

then get on stage and sing. Its ok. It is a wonderful thing.

Just  before we are back to school we managed one quick video to go with a song we recorded in May with the fine musician help of Tom Manning, Will Taylor and Steve Edmunds

with engineering  and extra vocals from Matt Glaseby and Beau Blaise and mixing by Liam Ross.

Its a cracker! But then I had to say that.

I have just learned to use green screen and all the effects on Final Cut  Pro so am just playing….

Just recovering from the mammoth tour – we organised everything ourselves with the help of amazing folk from around the country who said yes to singing and playing with us. So big thanks and here are some of the photo highlights of the shows.IMG_9732IMG_9439 IMG_9412IMG_8210 - Version 4 IMG_8210 IMG_8210 - Version 2

3BJ Bristol 3BJ + Choir 1 3BJ Bristol 3BJ 1
3BJ Bristol 3BJ 3
3BJ Bristol 3BJ 5 3BJ Bristol 3BJ 6 3BJ Bristol Audience 1 3BJ Bristol Big Choir 1 3BJ Bristol Big Choir 2 3BJ Bristol Big Choir 3 3BJ Bristol Brass Band 2 3BJ Bristol Gikita & Andy 1 3BJ Bristol Gitika & Brass Band 1 3BJ Bristol Gitika + Brass Band 1 3BJ Bristol Mum's Choir 1 3BJ Bristol Mum's Choir 2 3BJ Bristol Sea Shanty Choir 1 3BJ Bristol Sea Shanty Choir 2 3BJ London 3BJ 1 3BJ London 3BJ 2 3BJ London 3BJ 3 3BJ London 3BJ 4

3BJ London Both Choirs 1 3BJ London Both Choirs 2 3BJ London Squeezebox 1 3BJ London Squeezebox 2
3BJ Wales 3BJ 1 3BJ Wales 3BJ 2 3BJ Wales 3BJ3 3BJ Wales All 1 3BJ Wales All 2 3BJ Wales All 3 3BJ Wales Brass Band 2 3BJ Wales Brass Band 3BJ Wales Jane 1 3BJ Wales Jane 2 3BJ Wales Jane 3 3BJ Wales Jane 4 3BJ Wales Rueben 2 3BJ Wales Rueben 3 3BJ Wales Rueben 4 3BJ Wales Rueben3BJ Bristol 3BJ 43 Bucket JonesIMG_9352

3 Bucket Jones




‘glorious sonic depths that you’ll want to explore time and time again’  – Acoustic magazine

‘they gel so well, it’s as if they have been jamming together their entire careers’ – The Musician

03755 3 Bucket Jones Leaflet.indd

3 Bucket Jones – Make a Splash for Water Aid

3BJ met at a songwriting workshop at Monnow Valley Studio in 2013 and formed a band on the first day they met and wrote a song. They are all experienced musicians and producers all born in the 1950s – their musical diversity is the thing that makes it work – composing music for kid’s TV, producing with Trevor Horn and teaching 5000 children a song in the Albert Hall are included on their list of musical endeavors.


Their second album – 8th July coincides with a song from their first album ’All at Sea’ being sung by 1200 singers in Bath for SING FOR WATER WEST – an event which raises funds for Water Aid – arranged and conducted by Gitika. They decided all their tour and album sales during would go to WATER AID.


Their tour takes them to Monmouth, Bristol London, Sheffield and Brighton. Every gig involves local musicians – In Bristol, at the beautiful St George’s – Gitika ’s brother’s sea shanty group  -The Roaring Troman, her mother’s (85) folk choir and members of the world champion Tredegar Town Band. The London Cecil Sharp House gig has a 70 strong community choir on backing vocals & they will also be singing songs about water.

3 Bucket Jones are Andy Mcrorie-Shand on stringed things, Gitika Partington on ‘sky-scraping vocals ‘ (the MU review this month) Garry Hughes in the studio, and featuring Bruce Knapp on guitar and dobro for the tour. Their music is ‘heart-on-their sleeve’ dark folk-pop. The tour will be a delight.

www.3bucketjones.com   ###

Yes yes yes!

You can order my new album and help out the creative journey and listen to a beautiful piece of work by clicking HERE NOW

you will get the album on the release date and the first 20 people to order will receive a free 12’LP vinylof the same album.


So to celebrate I am posting the newest video to help the release of our second album TAKE THESE GHOSTS 8th July. Made with footage up a hill in Shropshire with glamorous walking boots, rainbow socks ( you have to watch until you see the rainbow socks) a video phone  and no stylist . It was a blast making it….Love you to watch it please.

So here is my contribution to the day of celebrating the struggle, and  it is often one. The Tubthumpers Chorus sung a great rendition of ‘I’m Gonna be an Engineer” last term and we just got the blessing of the remarkable Peggy Seeger to post the video of our performance. The song was written in 1970 and it is really interesting to mark the differences in how things have moved on. We did not sing all the verses which I am posting below the video.


I’m gonna be an engineer

When I was a little girl I wished I was a boy
I tagged along behind the gang and wore my corduroys.
Everybody said I only did it to annoy
But I was gonna be an engineer

Mamma said, “Why can’t you be a lady?
Your duty is to make me the mother of a pearl
Wait until you’re older, dear
And maybe you’ll be glad that you’re a girl.

Dainty as a Dresden statue, gentle as a Jersey cow,
Smooth as silk, gives cream and milk
Learn to coo, learn to moo
That’s what you do to be a lady, now.

When I went to school I learned to write and how to read
History, geography and home economy
And typing is a skill that every girl is sure to need
To while away the extra time until the time to breed
And then they had the nerve to ask, what would I like to be?
I says, “I’m gonna be an engineer!”

“No, you only need to learn to be a lady
The duty isn’t yours, for to try to run the world
An engineer could never have a baby
Remember, dear, that you’re a girl”

She’s smart — for a woman.
I wonder how she got that way?
You get no choice, you get no voice
Just stay mum, pretend you’re dumb.
That’s how you come to be a lady, today.

Well, I started as a typist but I studied on the sly
Working out the day and night so I could qualify
And every time the boss came in, he pinched me on the thigh
Said, “I’ve never had an engineer!”
“You owe it to the job to be a lady
The duty of the staff is to give the boss a whirl
The wages that you get are crummy, maybe
But it’s all you get, ’cause you’re a girl”

Then Jimmy came along and we set up a conjugation
We were busy every night with loving recreation
I spent my days at work so he could get an education
And now he’s an engineer!

He said: “I know you’ll always be a lady
The duty of my darling is to love me all her life
Could an engineer look after or obey me?
Remember, dear, that you’re my wife! ”

As soon a Jimmy got a job, I studied hard again
Then busy at me turret-lathe a year or two, and then
The morning that the twins were born, Jimmy says to them
“Your mother was an engineer!”
“You owe it to the kids to be a lady
Dainty as a dish-rag, faithful as a chow
Stay at home, you got to mind the baby
Remember you’re a mother now! ”

Every time I turn around there’s something else to do
Cook a meal or mend a sock or sweep a floor or two
Listening to Jimmy Young – it makes me want to spew
I was gonna be an engineer.

I only wish that I could be a lady
I’d do the lovely things that a lady’s s’posed to do
I wouldn’t even mind if only they would pay me
Then I could be a person too.

What price for a woman?
You can buy her for a ring of gold,
To love and obey, without any pay,
You get a cook and a nurse for better or worse
You don’t need a purse when a lady is sold.

Oh, but now the times are harder and me Jimmy’s got the sack;
I went down to Vicker’s, they were glad o have me back.
But I’m a third-class citizen, my wages tell me that
But I’m a first-class engineer!

The boss he says “We pay you as a lady,
You only got the job because I can’t afford a man,
With you I keep the profits high as may be,
You’re just a cheaper pair of hands. ”

You got one fault, you’re a woman;
You’re not worth the equal pay.
A bitch or a tart, you’re nothing but heart,
Shallow and vain, you’ve got no brain,

Well, I listened to my mother and I joined a typing pool
Listened to my lover and I put him through his school
If I listen to the boss, I’m just a bloody fool
And an underpaid engineer
I been a sucker ever since I was a baby
As a daughter, as a mother, as a lover, as a dear
But I’ll fight them as a woman, not a lady
I’ll fight them as an engineer!

Words and music by Peggy Seeger in 1970
Copyright Stormking Music, Inc.
Recorded by Frankie Armstrong- Out of Love, Maccoll & Seeger – At
The Present Moment

So I am having a sabbatical from weekend workshops this year APART from this date..so its a very special one off occasion.unknown1

IMG_0161I love Saturday workshops at the Bishopsgate Institue, and though I was curating the seasonal Saturday workshops I decided to curate it to me!P1090765

We shall be covering songs from several regions of the African Continent and some Folk.

It is a great way to have a sing without having to commit to a regular group and a lovely way to spend a Saturday. Very close to Liverpool Street Station and the glorious SpitalfieldsMarket


you can book via this link.http://www.bishopsgate.org.uk/searchcourses_result.aspx?Keyword=singing+in+harmony&Category=&

My three  weekly choirs are enjoying a lovely autumn term…Bishoosgate Singers going Acapella Soul and Funk, The Tubthumping Chorus doing mostly protest songs and my primary school choir loving Space Oddity.

I am having a very creatively balanced time at the moment, because when you run choirs or anything where you give out a lot, it is important to do something creative yourself. Before secondary music teachers had to work so hard they all were in  bands , orchestras etc as it feeds you so you have more to give back. Now its harder, so I am lucky…

I am making pop videos now for my new band 3 Bucket Jones…here is the first one..that I mostly filmed, much on an iPhone and I edited it all too. Would love you to watch it and share it. It is gentle moving and atmospheric. The song is called Draw a Line in the Sand. Let me know….

The new book is out by myself and the fantabulous Alison Burns.  The book is mostly acapella songs, but there are chord symbols and several optional piano accompaniments too. One of the wonderful features of the book is the audio. When you buy the book you get a cd with 156 tracks of every individual part. Also you can audition all the songs www.oup.co.uk/companion/cvw as FULL PERFORMANCES of them sung by myself, Sheena Masson, Nickomo and Andrew McCrorie-Shand

Here is a full performance version of Time after Time it is gorgeous!IMG_5749

IMG_5749The labour of love that is Community Voiceworks, that Alison Burns and I have been working on for three years is out and available to buy from many shops and online sources. 43 songs for community  choirs with audio for every track! This is Val Regan (one of the composer/choral director contributors) and I celebrating its new shininess this weekend!

An amazing little snippet of me conducting some bits of brass I arranged for   3 Bucket Jones last week.

And so happily to celebrate the man’s birthday I get a real special treat. A Bob Dylan Track I have recorded as a 14 piece acapella group is being played tonight on a special show on Severn FM to celebrate Bob’s big day. https://www.facebook.com/Severnfm on Alex Huskisson’s show the Mystery Train. Last week he played a 3 Bucket Jones track which you can hear on one of his catch up shows.

so here is Bob on Letterman a few days ago looking quite like Alice Cooper’s long lost brother…http://www.classicalite.com/articles/22505/20150523/bob-dylan-performs-the-night-we-called-day-letterman-finale-reflects-past-performances.htm




So it is 10 years since the Bishopsgate Singers

started with 15 singers. Over the years it has peaked at 75 with a waiting list and now we are running at 40-50. fear not! we continue to  sing with valiant voices and the choir seems to just be getting stronger and more lovely. Tomorrow we start our journey into the Acapella land of Country and Western with songs such as ‘I am a Man of Contstant Sorrow’, ‘Wichita Lineman’, ‘Your Cheating Heart’, ‘(ghost) Riders in the Sky’ and hopefully some real cracking stuff like Jolene etc…very exciting. it is not too late to book for the term which stats tomorrow at 6.30 PM. Autumn term we are going to be doing funk and soul…http://www.bishopsgate.org.uk/course/2080/Bishopsgate-Singers?&Keyword=bishopsgate+singers&Category=&TimeOfDay=&


I am so excited. Me and Andy McCrorie-Shand wrote a song for National Sing Up Day – Called

I’m Still Singing -here is a great video of them singing

Girls’ College Bulawayo Senior Choir, National Sing Up Day Anthem, “I’m Still Singing”


The New term start on Monday and there are still places…check out one of the great songs we did last term!


book a place by calling the Bishopsgate Institute or booking on line on their website

images-1After much sweat and almost tears the shop is now  BELOW IS THE LINK ..please drop in .

3 bucket jones – the shop

We open for business!

It is going well…A little bit of a headache with the digital downloads at first, but slowly with  a little help from my friends it is all working well. I am quite proud of myself…A cottage industry is emerging! It seems that ordering the real CD is working. Sales are happening slowly and steadily but it is a  slow process, as  many people think  about buying the CD and then don’t get round to it in this busy world, so at the moment I am reliant on the real movers and a shakers who have seen the process to the end…and have got their lovely CDs arriving through the post..thanks…if you have not yet…there is no hurry!

People tell me it can take a year from the cd coming out… if you are creating your own buzz . I imagine the difference between working in a large chain store ( a major label) and setting  your own pitch at the farmers market ( independent trader) it might be harder work but it feels good.

Now I am starting to send CDs to Radio Stations and Blog reviewers and such like.

Have just got a little slot on Croydon Radio (proud)..they will be playing Mended several times over the next month…baby steps…baby steps….

Long time no post! So here is a great video of two separate performances of my arrangement of Pharrell Williams’ Happy. The first sung by 350 glorious teenagers and the second by 75 wonderful Adults… dedicating this blog to Fred my lovely Dad….x x x

Never say never

Angela ..my favourite blogger and wonderful soprano in the old bishops choir x x x

Living with Parkinson's

A lot of things have happened over the last few years which I never thought would be possible. I can think of several events that took place both in the UK and worldwide which certainly seemed to take everyone completely by surprise – those times when everyone thought ‘That’ll never happen’ and then it did.

I never thought I would be diagnosed with Parkinson’s aged 36. Having always been a fairly reserved and private person, I also never thought I’d be writing a blog. And even when I posted my first blog, I never planned to keep blogging. Truth be told, in between blogs, I have often wondered whether the blog I just posted might be my last ever blog. It’s been nearly two years since my first blog in September 2016, and somehow I’ve written 64 blogs with over 11,800 views. I definitely never would have predicted that!


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