Is anybody out there?

hallo halloo…hope all is well

I used to blog everyday in 2011 and now I tend just to post up when something has happened that I  am excited about or I would like people to look at . I am excited about my choirs and excited about writing songs and recording them.

I supposed there is no reason why anyone  else should be excited about me writing and recording songs, lots of people tend to shuffle about a bit and seem almost embarrassed by my second career,  that is something I have to do to stay sane. Always was a songwriter from a very early age, that’s how I arrange acapella.

I  was talking to someone the other day about people not saying stuff, and how you end up imaging the worst because they don’t talk to you . For instance 4  people out of my over  100 choir members download my tracks, which is a positive and lovely thing..the rest do not, and I  hear nothing, so I  imagine the worst…they hate what I  do…I run choirs..I should bloody well stick to that..I am a show off…My music is shit, my voice is shit, I’m too  old, big headed, shit…etc etc bla bla bla bla bla bla

It might be it’s not their type of music, they are too busy, they don’t know how to download bandcamp, they listened to something I did a long time ago and made a decision then that it was not their thing. .They listen and like it but just imagine they don’t need to tell me, because I already know. I imagine most people don’t really give my songs a  chance..If you hear stuff on the radio there are very very very few songs that hook you the first time you hear them..they often get you the second or third time…but imagine  most of my friends don’t give me that luxury, and the chances of anyone I don’t  know doing that is even less…

My mum decided long ago she did not like my thats the end of that..I suppose at least she told me so I don’t have to imagine the worst…ha ha

Its a curious old thing…

So here I am again..exhibiting my wears once again to the deafening silence of the world wide web…I stopped reading this about two paragraphs ago..and possibly only the stalkers and the sociopaths are probably left ( thank you ladies)

Bandcamp is easy to manoeuvre and you can download the track for free…It is not rocket science..needs must as with all things…anyway…must get on with that room tidying and thank most kindly the 12 people who have, during   the last 10 months have bought our music…..One day it will be the ‘best kept secret’ ..oh shit! it is x x x x


the christmas single is on its way too and the video is being made on Thursday


  1. I understand and relate to all of this and yet in my busy life I don’t always listen. I have now. Amazed by your creativity and as if the music was not enough there are the videos. My favourite sigle of the month is Melting. What’s yours people out there?

  2. Hello Pal, the reason I don’t reply is because I don’t know how to use technology, if there was not a FB button I would not know how to reply to this! I had a tape (Yes, that long ago) of yours from over 30 years ago and was most sad when the rucksack I lived out of was stolen, you still have the earthy sound I remember and I love the three tracks. I hope life is good and you are well.

  3. Hi Gitika, I really like without a sound! Your voice is quite haunting in it. You are definitely not shit, you are a million miles from shit. I on the other hand… only joking, it’s easy to feel paranoid without feedback. I have missed choir so much and missed seeing you. You are my angel, you heralded a new phase in life for me. I love your voice x

  4. Hi Gitika I hope you are well and that you have enjoyed your sabbatical. It’s amazing how the time flies it’s nearly Christmas! I am doing ok, I have been trying to be creative and I have a table space in a ceramic studio and I am getting my hand back in. I shall make you something! Hopefully not a total dust collector. Much love Claire A

  5. Hey Gitika,

    Both tracks are fabulous. Wonderful arrangements.
    Attended a workshop with you too long ago. It was a joyful and uplifting occasion and that is an amazing gift you have.
    Would love to do another sometime…

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