About Me

 Hallo hallo and welcome…. I am a singer, songwriter, harmoniser, producer, choral arranger, trainer, educational advisor….

I was an undiscovered obscure singer songwriter for 12 years  before I taught secondary music for 12 years in Inner London.  Now I sing,  record compose arrange acapella have no time for punctuation and all  – I  run  singing workshops in   many places including prisons, hospitals, forests, schools, universities and am still an obscure undiscovered singer-songwriter.. also running  choirs for 4 -18 yrs and have been running singing workshops internationally for 20 years. I have been running acapella community choirs, and arranging acapella arrangements for 15 years. Published 4 acapella/community harmony singing volumes. Have taught 5000 people a song in the Royal Albert Hall on two occasions and could eat Gareth Alone for my breakfast..ha ha ha ( its a joke..!!) I use Logic and Sibelius Final cut and make my own videos.

I have 2  MAJOR  loves..  my choirs and my  band and then lots of other loves running close behind . Have a look at my London Choirs  page for more details. Here is a photo of us performing at the Wellcome Foundation with a storytelling show.

Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images

and a video of one choir singing at a sharing lately .

I am in a musical collective/band. We have released two albums and 11 singles.  We are  called 3 Bucket Jones and you can hear our music and buy it  bandcamp, (bandcamp is the better place)  iTunes, spotify etc etc and are very much on our way to finishing album number 3. Here is a video of us live singing the song about the lighthouse…available as a 4 part  acapella song on choircommunity.net

and a homemade video of one of our recent  singles which The Tubthumpers are learning as a 5 part acapella arrangement as we speak!


I recently wrote a song for the NUT which I taught and conducted. Based loosely on a public domain melody used by Woody Guthrie.

I am a member of the Natural Voice Practitioners NetworkI run  training days for local Education Authorities and Music Services, training teachers to become a lot more confident about singing, and community choir training days, for people wanting to raise their skills in leading a community choir.


I  run whole day  acapella harmony singing workshops and singing festivals for adults, students and families all over the country and Ireland. Just ask.

I also ran vocal workshops for the Gravel Theatre company’s production of NIMBY and for the amazing ‘Two Worlds of Charlie F’ organised by Masterclass at the Theatre Royal Haymarket. click here…..Charlie F and am up for collaborating on almost anything if it rocks my boat.

My dearest friend Mr SS. and I have written 2 musicals for year 6 classes (10-11 year olds) which are all on backing tracks and lingering in a cupboard somewhere. 

I arrange lots of songs mostly for Acapella SATB and have quite a back catalogue  which you can always ask me for,  and the first THREE books have been published by  SING POP A CAPELLA, and have finished the newly published  Voiceworks edition ”Voiceworks Community” for Oxford University Press..(available from a bookshop near you!) Picture of Val Regan, one of the composers and I)IMG_5749

Many  of the songs are sung by choirs on on youtube on Unknown-1my gitika partington page. Also on that page there are several funny pop videos I made for nieces and nephews with  best mate Mr SS. Rabbit in Your Rucksack has become  little culty with 48,000 hits THE VIDEO!

AT the end of 2011 I  completed the crazy wordpress ‘blog- a- day- for 2011’ and now just post occasionally. Just finishing editing ‘This Room Sings’ a new book of warm up songs all composed by member s of the Natural Voice Network . I am also arranging acapella for a new website choir community.net which will growing an evolving from its launch on 01/01/18 onwards https://www.choircommunity.net


MA Choral Education, ( University of Surrey, Roehampton)

BA Performance Arts (drama) ( Middlesex University)

Estill voice training levels 1-3 ( The VOice Explained)

Advanced post-grad certificate in jazz vocals and arranging (Guildhall)

LGSM Jazz ( Guildhall)

PGSE secondary music ( middlesex)

please try out my other website for my song writing 3 BUCKET JONES







  1. Hi Gitika! I just bought your a cappella book 2 and just love Man in the Mirror which I shall be teaching my ladies choir on Saturday.

    I am a vocal force leader here in North Devon….and just love to blog!

    Thank you! Frances

  2. We’ve known each other for a while now, and I’ve become increasingly curious about your name. I’ve never met any Gitika’s before – where does it come from?

  3. Hai Gitika, We are an a cappela quartet from Holland and love you 2 books. We sing every song from those books. Can you tell me if there comes a Volume 3? We’re very interested.
    Greats from Holland.

  4. Hi Gitika, I’m a singing teacher and choir leader in Derby. As someone new to choir leading, and having just started teaching a couple of years ago I’m really pleased to discover your site and think it will be a great source of info and sharing about choir leading/ music so thank you! I’ve had a quick dip in to some of the pages, but will definitely be back for more 🙂

  5. Hi Gitika
    I am a choir director and am urgently requiring acapella world music in 3/4 parts in sheet music format. I need to teach songs from all over the world and thought yo could advise me please. Do you have any voicework books of world compilations please?

  6. Hi Gitika,

    I emailed last week to ask for five of your fab 80s acapella arrangements from the back catalogue. Will pay online or bring cash to first session of Bishops. I just need to know if this is possible as Wrablers are selecting songs for the next year today.
    Thank you – hoping we can do justice to the arrangements!

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