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I sing , write songs,  record  mix produce collaborate compose music, arrange acapella and I am not retraining to be a stunt woman thanks very much …Art is my work. Have less time for punctuation and filing. Love to cook particularly without a recipe. I  have  run  singing workshops and singing groups in  prisons, hospitals, forests, schools, arenas, universities and run singing workshops and choirs internationally for 20 years. I have been arranging and recording acapella for 15 years. Right now I run an online choir. I have authored 4 acapella/community harmony singing volumes. Have twice taught 5000 people a song in the Royal Albert Hall . I use Logic and Sibelius and Final Cut . Love to put Music to Picture. 

Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images


I am in a musical collective/band. 3 Bucket Jones

you can hear our music and buy it  bandcamp, (bandcamp is the better place)  iTunes, spotify etc etc and are very much on our way to finishing album number 5. Here is a video of us live singing the song about the lighthouse…available as a 4 part  acapella song on choircommunity.net

I am a member of the Natural Voice Practitioners Network.


arranger for https://www.choircommunity.net

Gulp and I like to cook…..


MA Choral Education, ( University of Surrey, Roehampton)

BA Performance Arts (drama) ( Middlesex University)

Estill voice training levels 1-3 ( The Voice Explained)

Advanced post-grad certificate in jazz vocals and arranging (Guildhall)

LGSM Jazz ( Guildhall)

PGSE Secondary Music ( middlesex)

I have a new Donations page where you can help me finance  time to compose and arrange .

Please try out my other website for my song writing 3 BUCKET JONES