New Song – Fly Like an Eagle

Hey there. Today I am sharing a new little song I wrote and recorded yesterday. It would be considered a demo. ( No such thing as a demo) My songs come out in many forms and genre and I have been told after 163 weekly songs I still surprise people in my songwriting support group. This one is a bit dancy, synthy, chilly and the title is ‘Fly Like an Eagle”

I spent last weekend in a blissful state camping out with about 300 like minded souls and got to dance in a field which definitly had an effect on my song of the week. The Campout was in a beautiful venue, in the Oxfordshire Counryside and felt spacious and relaxed. My most favourite small festival experience as I can get a bit stressed in crowds. Best toilets ever! (Yup) There was amazing food (though I may still be mostly falafel) the best babaganoush from a couple from Oxford who cooked tirelessly through the whole weekend and run a cafe in Oxford which supports refugee women in the city called Damascus Rose , and another stall of the most perfect vegan gluten free food run by a young woman from the Braziers community, in a pink caravan. ( My heart is mostly in my stomach) I met some wonderful inspiring people, did qi gong bare foot on the land in the morning and was inspired by the talks about building a better community and reconnection with myself – and the music and film in the evening! Loved the Light Surgeons . Jessica Mallock whose sessions inspired a lot of the lyric..thank you. Inspired by the firemaking and some images of the eagle returning from the snow capped mountains into my heart I am happy with this .This song is a keeper . Photo taken by Pete Lawrence.


Sing a song of grace, hold it sweetly to our heart, we want more of love we say we do, through the fire through the blue, got no monochrome keeping all the drama down, indigo through flame to blue now we got wings, everythings is so new WE CAN FLY FLY WE CAN FLY ! soaring peaks of snow, we want everyone to know, we want it all, we shout aloud, flying high above the clouds, climb the mountain high, then we soar in bluest sky, father sun grandmother moon, we find our heart our breathing room so we can fly FLY LKE AN EAGLE

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