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Hallo hallo

Its been a rip roaring summer..singing under canvas and at the Guildhall Summer School. Yesterday I wrote and recorded this..My idea of a lovely day..plugged into a pair of headphones and Logic X for some considerable hours, on my own. I am a bit of an ‘ants in my pants’ type of person, but once I am absorbed with writing and recording a new song…I am glued to the spot.

Love you to give it a spin…. right now am arranging it for a choir…that bit is always a bit trickier…hope you are having a good day x



Never say never

Angela favourite blogger and wonderful soprano in the old bishops choir x x x

Living with Parkinson's

A lot of things have happened over the last few years which I never thought would be possible. I can think of several events that took place both in the UK and worldwide which certainly seemed to take everyone completely by surprise – those times when everyone thought ‘That’ll never happen’ and then it did.

I never thought I would be diagnosed with Parkinson’s aged 36. Having always been a fairly reserved and private person, I also never thought I’d be writing a blog. And even when I posted my first blog, I never planned to keep blogging. Truth be told, in between blogs, I have often wondered whether the blog I just posted might be my last ever blog. It’s been nearly two years since my first blog in September 2016, and somehow I’ve written 64 blogs with over 11,800 views. I definitely never would have predicted that!


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I have a donate page

yes!  A DONATE PAGE (Click on it to find it ) Finally managed to work out the buttons. A couple of people in choir have said they would like to help, and I have been trying to get a patronage page together with lots of help and support of   my friend and Choir member Sarolta who runs .

But in the meantime, now is as good as any time so, abundance I invite you in !!!



I wanted to share a post by the lovely Angela who is in my choir . Angela started blogging after being diagnose with Parkinson’s at the ripe young age of 36 and is a total inspiration to us all.

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