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All at Sea is is a song I helped write and record that first appeared on 3 Bucket Jones first album. We wrote it in a night after supper when the fish lady Sarah who joined us for dinner was asked what should we write about and she said the sea. It took many more days to evolve and record..Writing is usually the easiest bit. In 2015 I arranged it for community choirs and choirs at the guildhall and my community choir The Tubthumping Chorus sung it. Ali Orbaum a wondrous singer and community choir leader who sung with 3 Bucket jones for a period in 2019 heard it and asked if they could sing it at Sing For Water West in the summer of 2016. 1200 singers sung it together outdoors back in the day when you could sing together. At the same time Andy and I organised a set of going to coincide with Sing for Water to raise funds for Sing for Water. Over 100 of the singers from the big day joined us on stage at St Georges Bristol to sing in July 2016.

Now the song is raising funds again for another incredible charity called Atlantic Pacific which is all about water but about drowning

Atlantic Pacific’s VISION

Atlantic Pacific International Rescue is an NGO with a simple vision; to combat global drowning.

“Drowning is a serious and neglected public health threat claiming the lives of 372,000 people a year worldwide. This death toll is almost two thirds that of malnutrition and well over half that of malaria – but unlike these public health challenges, there are no broad prevention efforts that target drowning.” (World Health Organisation, Global Report on Drowning: Preventing a Leading Killer, 2014). So we have a video and a just giving page

SO the song has served water in two very differing ways. Raising funds for people with no water and raising funds for an organisation who saves people from the power and danger of too much water. We are honoured to be supporting both organisations.

Now I want us to make the best of this strange time by creating an online choir. I don’t want this to be video focussed, but more about us meeting regularly and singing together the best way we are able. Singing is so good for us all and not singing is not an option! 
As discussed in the session, moving forward I am offering a membership to The Dialing Tone Chorus via subscription only. This will allow me to continue supporting you on our singing together experience. And I would love to offer this opportunity to you first before I offer it further.
Here is what I’m offering:Weekly 45 minute small group tutorials led by me, these are divided by part (soprano, alto, tenor and bass). I’ll teach you your parts for 4 songs per season and it will be an opportunity for you to develop your vocal technique and musical knowledge.Fortnightly community hangout for all choir members to connect on Zoom.Personalised written feedback from me per season, based on a submitted audio file and to help you on your personal singing journey. Access to a private Facebook group where you can share resources, video performances and connect with other members in between sessions. Bonus 1: 2 x choir videos per season (members chosen by draw if more than 50) to be recorded and released – or you can just choose to do the audio.Bonus 2: 2 x audio choir recordings per season which may be releasedOther bonuses may be sent through via email. Choir times will remain at Monday 6.00-9.00pm
Subscription feesKeen and Willing Subscriber – £45 subscription per month for a minimum term of 6 monthsPillar of the Community Subscriber – £65 subscription per month for a minimum term of 6 months 
Season 1: Mon 5 October – Mon 14 Dec
Holiday: 22, 29 Dec & 4 Jan 
Season 2: Mon 11 Jan – Mon 22 Mar

Please reply with I accept here by Wednesday 30 September to accept the terms and offer. And I’ll respond with information on how to set up your subscription.

Please feel free to forward this email to your friends and family. 



We are really enjoying the videos..It’s of course not like the real thing yada yada yada , but as a great thing to do when we can’t meet in person it is proving to be an absolute blast. if you think you might like to be in one of the videos it’s probably good to get in touch with me or get added to the mailing list…

Our first Lockdown Video
Video Number 2

Acapella madness! So this is what lockdown has done to me and now all I need is everyone to send me hats! I really want a viking hat..not sure why..and if only there was a joke shop around..I feel large teeth coming on and moustaches. Oh and if you want to sing it with your choir you can get the  music and audio on