could be that I have actually got it together to sing on my own or with a little group of people.

hey there – happy bank holiday weekend. its almost June the weather is wonderful in the UK. Does it make a difference to our mood? It so does and this has been the winter of all winters . The darkest wettest grimmest so thank you sun. My life and things I share tend to be a mixture of songwriting and choral activity. At the moment I am writing and recording more songs and am so happy when people have a listen!

I am very excited about 10 tracks I worked on with Lukas Drinkwater at the end of last summer. I took fully formed demos to his studio and in 3 days we added lots of instrumentation claps percussion and more vocals. Lukas then spent time lovingly mixing them all. It is an album worth of material but thought I would put a couple out for you to have a listen to. Have been off piste for a little while All full steam ahead now. Have a couple of great songwriting projects going on and hope to be running some singing workshops soon . Once again there might be a bit of a flurry! take care all x

Nicola said it was the favourite song we ever sung with the choir. We sung it about 3 years ago. One of my favourite songs and a proper challenge to arrange for 5 part acapella, which of course I could do as the song has been in my bones since it was released 37 years ago . It is a lovely time for Running Up that Hill to make a comeback through its insertion in the Stranger Things ( Netflix) series 4 and it has one to the top of the charts again. Very please we have the song and all the audio parts for a song ( yes really) you can hear the whole song on this link.