Very excited about our next gig with the choirs  -the tubthumping chorus, the old bishops -who need a new name and special guests broomdasher – a  16 piece acapella folk group with Sally Davies at the helm who runs the Cecil Sharpe Folk Choir, also 3 Bucket Jones -the trio gitika is in who performed with the choirs last year art Cecil Sharp House will be making an appearance. it is at the Conway Hall in London near holborn and there will be 2 50 minute sets of splendid acapella song with a little bit of acoustic song thrown in for good measure.









 click here is the link for buying tickets,


This is a post from the lovely Angela Wong-Keet a soprano in my choir who has started to blog. This is her 20th post and to celebrate this momentouss occasion i am posting it on my blog

My life is made up of different parts – there’s home life, work, friends, choir, Start Living Today PD and of course there’s Parkinson’s. Parkinson’s is like that extra, unw…

Source: Parkinson’s – the unwanted extra part