In the last year it’s been head down and walking in circles mostly, watching the seasons change. In that time I have written and recorded a song every week. I have collaborated and co-written songs with 6 artists from the US, Canada, UK and Australia and reimagined 8 old songs into new cover versions – have runny weekly virtual choir for 9 months . We are mastering the 5th ‘3 Bucket Jones’ album – have almost finished an album with the marvellous Kirsty McGee – a project called ‘All the Bees’. I have eaten my body weight in dark chocolate and with the help of the most wondrous singers and film makers made 9 ( yes 9 ) virtual choir videos – have supported Andy through a heart attack from a clot 20 hours after his first jab, I continue to wail and weep about losing my mum, my choirs, my freedom to get on trains, my sanity, my friends but the birds keep singing and the rivers keep rolling. Please don’t ask me when we are going to sing again in person. I don’t know. I hope you are doing as well as is humanly possible and finding joy. Drop me a line sometime.