Just recovering from the mammoth tour – we organised everything ourselves with the help of amazing folk from around the country who said yes to singing and playing with us. So big thanks and here are some of the photo highlights of the shows.IMG_9732IMG_9439 IMG_9412IMG_8210 - Version 4 IMG_8210 IMG_8210 - Version 2

3BJ Bristol 3BJ + Choir 1 3BJ Bristol 3BJ 1
3BJ Bristol 3BJ 3
3BJ Bristol 3BJ 5 3BJ Bristol 3BJ 6 3BJ Bristol Audience 1 3BJ Bristol Big Choir 1 3BJ Bristol Big Choir 2 3BJ Bristol Big Choir 3 3BJ Bristol Brass Band 2 3BJ Bristol Gikita & Andy 1 3BJ Bristol Gitika & Brass Band 1 3BJ Bristol Gitika + Brass Band 1 3BJ Bristol Mum's Choir 1 3BJ Bristol Mum's Choir 2 3BJ Bristol Sea Shanty Choir 1 3BJ Bristol Sea Shanty Choir 2 3BJ London 3BJ 1 3BJ London 3BJ 2 3BJ London 3BJ 3 3BJ London 3BJ 4

3BJ London Both Choirs 1 3BJ London Both Choirs 2 3BJ London Squeezebox 1 3BJ London Squeezebox 2
3BJ Wales 3BJ 1 3BJ Wales 3BJ 2 3BJ Wales 3BJ3 3BJ Wales All 1 3BJ Wales All 2 3BJ Wales All 3 3BJ Wales Brass Band 2 3BJ Wales Brass Band 3BJ Wales Jane 1 3BJ Wales Jane 2 3BJ Wales Jane 3 3BJ Wales Jane 4 3BJ Wales Rueben 2 3BJ Wales Rueben 3 3BJ Wales Rueben 4 3BJ Wales Rueben3BJ Bristol 3BJ 43 Bucket JonesIMG_9352

3 Bucket Jones




‘glorious sonic depths that you’ll want to explore time and time again’  – Acoustic magazine

‘they gel so well, it’s as if they have been jamming together their entire careers’ – The Musician

03755 3 Bucket Jones Leaflet.indd

3 Bucket Jones – Make a Splash for Water Aid

3BJ met at a songwriting workshop at Monnow Valley Studio in 2013 and formed a band on the first day they met and wrote a song. They are all experienced musicians and producers all born in the 1950s – their musical diversity is the thing that makes it work – composing music for kid’s TV, producing with Trevor Horn and teaching 5000 children a song in the Albert Hall are included on their list of musical endeavors.


Their second album – 8th July coincides with a song from their first album ’All at Sea’ being sung by 1200 singers in Bath for SING FOR WATER WEST – an event which raises funds for Water Aid – arranged and conducted by Gitika. They decided all their tour and album sales during would go to WATER AID.


Their tour takes them to Monmouth, Bristol London, Sheffield and Brighton. Every gig involves local musicians – In Bristol, at the beautiful St George’s – Gitika ’s brother’s sea shanty group  -The Roaring Troman, her mother’s (85) folk choir and members of the world champion Tredegar Town Band. The London Cecil Sharp House gig has a 70 strong community choir on backing vocals & they will also be singing songs about water.

3 Bucket Jones are Andy Mcrorie-Shand on stringed things, Gitika Partington on ‘sky-scraping vocals ‘ (the MU review this month) Garry Hughes in the studio, and featuring Bruce Knapp on guitar and dobro for the tour. Their music is ‘heart-on-their sleeve’ dark folk-pop. The tour will be a delight.

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