So I went and had a cup of tea in a local cafe…a very nice one.  I had a wobbly table until I ripped up my note book pages and stuck it under one of the legs. Someone needs to go to the Dragons Den with an invention, so we no longer go to cafes and have to deal with wobbly tables. I know it is not high on the agenda of issues that will make the world a better place, like eradicating world hunger and suffering, but….how many times have I ripped up menus, bits of books, old bits of card lying in the bottom of my bag ( I knew there was a reason why carried around so much rubbish)  just so the coffee and tea didn’t go every where  There has to be someone out there who can invent a little gadget that slips under a table and then it can change size depending on the individual wobble the table has….

there is one! Well someone has registered the patent anyway.

‘United States Patent 5249767  

Table leveling wedge

A table leveling wedge for eliminating wobble from tables with or without glides, includes a solid block of material having an inclined top surface. A cavity formed in the top surface extends from the forward end of the block to an extent adjacent the rearward end, which cavity is defined an inclined support surface and a pair of longitudinally extended and transversely spaced apart abutment surfaces adapted to confine a table glide between them. The portions of the wedge transversely 

outwardly of the abutment surfaces extend forwardly of the cavity support surface to partially define a pair of feet which are advantageously used to guide a table glide between them and center the wedge relative to a glide to be supported on the wedge.’

Sounds great , so where can I  buy one……?

So I google it and there it is! MIGHTY WEDGE! dot com! ha ha ha


and the testimonials suggest keeping one in your handbag at all times just in case of a wobbly table in a cafe….I am crying buckets inside at the idea of carrying a mighty wedge in my handbag ( if I owned a handbag!) just in case I was in a cafe and had a wobbly table….

Do you know what. I have changed my mind..I will keep on with the old bits of cardboard in my bag. I am off to do a bit of meditating and will light a candle for all those who have no water for their tea, let alone wobbly tables.

SONG OF THE DAY  – Labi Siffre. Something Inside so Strong.
There really are so few songs that empower without being a bit cheesy. This is one of them.  We have sung this in choir . Here is an amazing live version of Labi Siffre and his DX7.