Any Sign of my Easter Bunny’s Tail?

Now this is getting beyond a joke and a bit…may I say completely boring for everyone. I think the best thing for me to do is to go into a period of denial.. still not a river in Egypt.  ( The old ones are still the best) If I pretend this is all not happening, maybe it will just go away. Maybe if I just step away from the rabbit that has a large hole in its nether regions, the whole disastrous situation will go away. I will open my eyes and my rabbit will be whole, rather than holy. Perhaps that is not right either, as I am not looking for anything spiritual here.It’s all material here… I JUST WANT MY BUNNY BACK. Though praying might help. A bit of divine intervention could be the key to bringing back my bunny’s missing bits. We still have a long wait until Easter and I am going to find it really difficult to look at my bunny’s injustices and injuries, yes, feel I  have to go as far as calling them such. Important to name it…not pretend it is not an injury when it is so obviously is. I hear the bunny’s ears where actually bitten off. Please…can this be the last of all this for a while…I do not know if I can take much more.

ohhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! breath in, breath out…pink light pink light….

SONG OF THE DAY Trick of The Tail….Genesis continued for a little while to have some form of sub-genre that we could classify as english jazz rock folk once Gabriel left..and as we are talking of tails today, I can still continue to hold my head high just for keeping a little continuity of theme going, even if the rest of the chocolate world is crashing  down all around me.

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