The Chocolate Bunny Saga Could Run and Run- If my Bunny Had Legs.

So it is official. I am calling the authorities. There is a leg thief in the house. For the time up to Easter, when the  ‘ickle lambs are frollicking in the fields, and I am counting steps round the park  in the glorious sunshine …my Bunny will have to stay at home with a little blanket around the place where his legs and  lower torso used to be. Bunny is now on the sofa in front of day-time tv because, what with all the trauma that is all he can stomach ( if he indeed had a stomach). I may have to start an organisation for the protection of cruelty against chocolate bunnies before their due date. In fact it is hatching as we speak. Watch this space…And all you premature Easter Bunny Eaters…your chocolate munching days are numbered.


ABBA  Honey Honey

yup , the sun has obviously gone to my head……….its all about sweet and sickly this week……

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