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Hallo hallo

Its been a rip roaring summer..singing under canvas and at the Guildhall Summer School. Yesterday I wrote and recorded this..My idea of a lovely day..plugged into a pair of headphones and Logic X for some considerable hours, on my own. I am a bit of an ‘ants in my pants’ type of person, but once I am absorbed with writing and recording a new song…I am glued to the spot.

Love you to give it a spin…. right now am arranging it for a choir…that bit is always a bit trickier…hope you are having a good day x



Parkinson’s – the unwanted extra part

This is a post from the lovely Angela Wong-Keet a soprano in my choir who has started to blog. This is her 20th post and to celebrate this momentouss occasion i am posting it on my blog

My life is made up of different parts – there’s home life, work, friends, choir, Start Living Today PD and of course there’s Parkinson’s. Parkinson’s is like that extra, unw…

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