Oh no! It cannot be true! Someone has stolen my Bunny’s left foot… behind my back….I have my suspicions, who it might be. Perhaps, they thought,  I might not notice a missing left foot…well I did, and I am not a happy bunny either! If you are having trouble with your sugar levels, please do not take it out on the bunny! I exclaim! What did the bunny ever do to you? I mean, it does not bring a lot to the table- its smooth exterior is very photogenic, and it has a very sweet disposition, but that is no excuse. I must put my foot down, well both feet down as I still have them, and exclaim once more THE BUNNY IS MINE! HANDS OFF MY BUNNY! She exclaimed again!  I know that the most important lessons we have to learn in life is to ‘let go’. May I say, right here, right now, I AM NOT READY! more exclaiming! So hands off the bunny (please do not steal its cute little hands) or there will be big  big trouble!


Mel Torme -April Showers…Now this man knew how to put a song over…if you have only ever heard the name …have a little watch at his delivery…sparkling! Sorry to be pessimistic about the weather…also congrats to all my postaday 2011 bloggers …its 100 days today.