Today is the big day for many many couples all over the world (some pictured here) and their big day will be shadowed by an even bigger day in the streets of London. I have chosen to watch from a distance and give a chance for all those people who only come to London for the Theatres and the Big Events (as long as they don’t stray out of the ‘safe tourist zones’) to breathe my air and wave a flag for me for a day. I hear the rain is coming, but I wrote this early, so by now, whatever storms and disasterous or joyousness may already have taken place. I am watching a bit on the box and have already shed a tear at the idea of ordinary people camping out for 3 days to be involved in the day…ahhhh. Truth is, we are watching the wedding and all blubbing.

in the abbey
kate and dad

In case you missed it..ha ha ha  were asleep under a rock…top Grandson of the Queen is getting wed to ghasp! a commoner! No pictures necessary, well ok maybe a couple from the tv. I liked the merchandise they were selling in The Guardian this week, one included a t-shirt with the words ‘commoner’ and another was a cup that said ‘my other cup says ban the monarchy ‘ and the date of the wedding. They have been doing lots of funny non-wedding things, I particularly like the imaginary prenups below. non serious…I wish them the best of luck.

I, William Arthur Philip Louis Wales (hereafter known as The Man Born to be King), do undertake that in the event he gets bored with Catherine Elizabeth Middleton (hereafter known as The Commoner) or if The Commoner so much as looks at another man, turns out like his Mum and gets all moody and pukey, then all bets are off. In the event of any of the above, The Commoner shall get absolutely nothing except for a hideous pile near Sunningdale if his Granny is feeling generous.

Signed Will-i-am

I, Catherine Elizabeth Middleton (hereafter known as The Commoner), do undertake that if William Arthur Philip Louis Wales (hereafter known as The Man Born to be King) turns out to be a bit of a bastard and is shagging someone else, she will turn a blind eye. The Commoner does also undertake she will smile vacantly if the paparazzi photograph The Man Born to be King falling out of a bar with a couple of blondes and that if she in any way fails to shape up to the expectations of The Man Born to be King she will be returned to penury whence she came.

Signed Kate

good luck to them all!


It would have been tardy, and just plain dull to have the song of the day as ‘Going to the Chapel’, and will duly send an ‘unimaginative blogger’ sticker to anyone who does this( joKe)


Nat King Cole -such an engaging man you cant help but lean into the screen to get more of his magnificence! But most of all baby….let there be love…for us all!