For those of you who missed the campaign I started last week…CBNC…Chocolate Bunnies. No Cruelty. I am just going to remind you, because this week thousands, nay millions of chocolate bunnies will be unecessarily slaughtered.  Join me. Get a t-shirt (though there are few left as so many people have joined me on the campaign).  I think people don’t realise that a bar of chocolate is one issue, but bunnies have feelings.  This weekend, all over the world, if you listen hard enough you will hear their screams.

I know, I know, I am not innocent in this.

Just because I have had no chocolate for a week and will continue my detox over Easter  does not mean I am innocent of crimes against the chocolate bunny and I am aware that I created misery and pain (see my blog last week, it was vicious).  

On a lighter note, tomorrow is my birthday and the lilac is out, one of the most exquisite fragrances ever! Even though I seem to have put my back out and cannot lie down, and a trip to the osteopath has seemed to have made it worse before it gets better..I have had very little sleep this week, but obviously detoxing helps you conquer the traumas of no sleep…………..ah life…sweet. Happy Days x x x

SONG OF THE DAY -The mention of the sweet smelling lilac can only bring one song to me. Lilac Wine  sung by Jeff Buckley.