Lets see who has the wackiest playlist by the end of the experiment. I was thinking today how many songs we can hear in a day when we are out and about,  and would like to start a some lists between my fellow bloggers and facebook friends.  How about, for one day, take a notebook out and  list every song you hear in every supermarket, cafe, shop, public building  and send me a message…it might be fun to see what music we are made ( maybe too harsh)  to listen to….anyone in???

It occurred to me as I was sitting in a cafe unconsciously singing along to ‘Vincent’ by Don McLean, that was on the cafe radio, how little power we have over what we have to listen to musically in the big outside world. This is not the first time I have talked about this. I am too aware that most  places you go in, the music is for the staff, not the customers, as music is such a great way of helping you get through a day, when you are making sandwiches all day, or cutting hair…etceteraaaaa etceteraaa. Do we listen to a real variety of stuff depending where we go?…another amusing fact about Pret – my boycotted cafe of choice …I noticed a few months ago that  they stopped playing   jazz and are  playing pop instead….interesting…..I noticed a local hairdresser that only plays classical music…good idea to let people know before they come in….Not keen on having my haircut to cheapo four-on-the floor synth music from the 80’s- if I listen to too much I start to hyperventilate. Once I complained, nicely, about the music in a salon. The hairdresser in charge of music looked me up and down, decided I would like Sade (sadly  not that keen, though I hear she is a top woman! ) and played her on a loop for an hour and a half. Torture.

So how about it kids?

Get your pencil out and wake up to the music that is the  background sound-track of your life for a day  and lets find the most bizarre, random boring, scintillating playlists.

SONG OF THE DAY The Moments, Jack in The Box 1976….love the suits…and the song and you have to check out the video…I totally love the lead singer, what a beautiful man. At about a minute the screen opens up and you see the audience dancing. There is a boy in the left corner of the big screen in a nightmare 70’s sweater who has a whole rhythmic thing going on all of his own! Worth watching for the pink suits and the individual dance move..Lovely little song too.