First I have to say how lucky I am to have choices. Pod is the new London fast healthy place to eat. There are 9 branches, mostly in the EC area and one in high Holborn. First things first, they sell  organic whole milk ( unlike Pret who have lost my custom as I feel they have lost their commitment to healthy food when they stopped selling whole milk).  Tim opened the first Pod in 2006. He couldn’t find anywhere near work that served nutritious, natural food so he decided to give it a go himself. THAT IS HOW TO START A BUSINESS….you see a hole, something you feel passionate about and you fill it!
Pod sell seasonal food, gluten free goodies, hot lunches, free range bacon and lots of superfood….All their foods are marked….GF-gluten Free, WF wheat free, DF, dairy Free Can’t wait to  get back to work so I can go in one for my luncheonette.

Thumbs Up!


 REELING IN THE YEARS  Jimmy Page of Zepplin says this guitar solo is his favourite.There is a great live version of this on youtube, from the Midnight Special which is Gold!

 but I am linking to the album track, as it has a place in my heart. Thsi is where I learned my harmony skills .