someone stole my ears

I’m gonna have to come clean here. There is no easy way to say this. Customarily, I would never be drawn to such reprehensible behaviour. I do not know what came over me. I am usually such a good person…I never squeeze or shake my Christmas presents, when they are under the tree. At no time do I tear the wrapping  paper, and I always wait till the last moment to open them.  Annually, the Easter Bunny  gets to sit on a shelf in my room right up to Easter day. So what came over me that I should cause my poor Easter bunny to spend the next two weeks sitting in its cellophane with no ears? Have to say, I thought it was quite good of me to stop at the ears, as he can still feel, touch taste and see…so all is not lost. P.S. I only had an Easter bunny this year and last because some lovely people got me a present at the end of term. Its not a big  wierd sort of thing I do every year. The spattering of extraordinarily long words   in today’s blog is just because I was using the same words over and over again, so had a thesaurus with my porridge this morning.

SONG OF THE DAY – Donald Fagen- Walk Between the Raindrops- from The Nightfly … From possibly the best album in the universe