It’s All About the Marble Floor Tiles

Probably not marble but had to put this one in anyway as the tiles are so lush

The first thing I have to make very clear is that  the insertion of  ‘Dancing on the Ceiling’ in yesterday’s post was  an attempt at lighthearted humour. I do think it is one of the most hideous songs and videos in the history of popular music. There, glad I cleared that up.

Well I said  yesterday I would, so I will. It’s all about marble  flooring today. I have not missed a post since the 9th January 2011 and  this is my 274th post. It was bound to happen that I would have to stoop so low (ha ha) as to post about flooring… but for two days in a row – It is the thin end of the wedge, I know. Please forgive me…I am sure it is just a little phase I am going through. Normal service will resume soon. 

So here I am talking about marble flooring.  As I waltzed through chateau after chateau on my very reasonably priced (before I decided to downsize) 5 day coach tour with mum and the Ifold Wine Appreciation Society ( bizarre fact number 238*) I found the marble flooring in many of the establishments rather photogenic, and so not a patch on the linoleum tiles of my youth. I still have a bit of a soft spot for lino tiles, especially brown and white ones, but my cork tiles suffice at home and I believe are quite eco friendly as they don’t kill the trees to get the cork.

A marble tree

Anyway back to marble, I don’t believe they kill any marbles to make marble tiles either, they just wait for them to fall off the marble trees.  Seeing expanses of differing marbled tiles in their opulent setting I can see why we would want to have a fake effect, and have done for  centuries. The light  and shade that come off them is divine. But apart from that, I have no useful information about the ‘whys and wherefores’ of the marble tile, no  potted history, just a few holiday snapshots ( stole the one of the tree) of the loveliness that is the marble floor. Please feel free to comment on the post and add details at the bottom of this page. Or tick the LIKE button, just so I know you are there x x Now what sort of song shall we have today?

SONG OF THE DAY – Murder on the Dance floor – Sophie Ellis Bextor

We all loved this when it came out…funny video..very brave . Slightly taking the mickey out of herself as she is not exactly Ginger Rogers, and we all luuuurve the English accent. My A’levell music class at the time would sing it almost constantly!


  1. I contine to read this in bed every morning so yes i am still here! i like floors too, being very clear about having tiles of four different sizes and not noticing any patter in my kitchen. totally opposite in the bathroom, i agreed to equal square tiles placed on the diagonal.

    i also got the lighthearted song choice yesterday, keep with it, i am with you! x

  2. I was away on hols, but I’m back today. I’ve been reading bits and pieces here and there, I’ll be catching up this week. Got a bit of a gap to fill on my side now 🙁

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