It’s All About the Wooden Flooring

Yup, that will do nicely.

As I spend most of  my suicidal waking hours on, fantasising  that owning my own house in a wet northern town will be the answer to all my complicated psychological problems – ha ha, I feel it only right to share with you my distrust of what about 10 years ago we all took to believe was the answer to all the evil’s of the home furnishing world’s problems – laminate flooring. When I see a house that has been completely covered in fake wood laminate flooring, a shudder  streaks through my body, and the house, sadly gets a big thumbs down. Yuk. Not that I cannot see the sense in it. I have it under my feet as I speak, but prefer the cork tiles in my kitchen any day. It has been  a compromise for us all, because we are surely all wanting to have a bit of proper lovely parquet flooring under foot, if we could afford it. Or perhaps it’s only me. When  I see a house that has had it’s wooden floorboards stripped and waxed, I am in seventh heaven. Maybe because I remember as I child, one of the houses we got to live in with Dad’s job,  had a  real parquet flooring with underfloor heating. I was only about 5 at the time, but it had a profound ‘wow factor’ effect on me, as our last house had been a two up two down in Bootle next to the gas works with a particularly garrish yellow and blue lino in the kitchen, possibly my first ever memory (the rest as they say, is history).

So when I was in France last week checking out the local chateaus with Mum and Mr P. I did spend more time wowing at the floorboards  rather than the wall hangings, works of art etc. Tomorrow marble floor tiles. ha ha.

SONG OF THE DAY -Lionel Ritchie  -Dancing on The Ceiling

When ‘All Night Long’ came out and you were in a dancing mood it was the best track around…by the time ‘Dancing on the Ceiling’ came out in 1986 we were all a bit Lionel Ritchied out…so I only playing it to see if it has got better with age  (Blender magazine also labelled the title song at number 20 as one of the “50 Worst Songs Ever”.) ….Nope..still deserves the title I am afraid. Might look up the rest of the list to help me get out of my doldrum moments. What are they wearing?


      1. Oh yeah it seemed a great idea at the time (lie) it wasn’t my loo either (truth) but I ended up doing it (hmmm rolls eyes….)

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