So there is a pensioner standing at my front door, tweed jacket,  mock RAF badge ‘making a stand against junk mail’  and  is asking  sooooo nicely if I would purchase a sticker for my front gate  £1.95  (that I know you can get for free from the council), as he says they over ordered and they don’t mind if they can ‘make a drink out of it’.  So I consider ‘when is junk, junk?’. The answer I suppose is when it irritates you. And if junk mail irritates you, I bet your darn gone, so does an awful lot of other things.

For some reason, junk mail does not get under my skin   at the moment…Lucky break I  call it. I am more sickened by people who  get in the car to go to the corner shop when it’s only 5 minutes away and they have two perfectly good legs, or people who think it is fine to get on an aeroplane to go to work, or people who have those nasty chemical objects in their toilets so the water is constantly blue.

I don’t ever think of the things that come through my door as ‘junk’, apart from the stuff from the AA as I don’t drive, and the stuff from Norwich Union, because I asked them to stop wasting their paper….ah ha! Changing my mind already eh?  Most of the stuff that comes through my door that is so called ‘junk’ is delivered by hand and  is someone advertising their wares, just trying to make a living….I know, I know we get millions of kilos of ‘junk’ mail through our doors every day, but if you look at them individually, how are you going to decide which is junk and which is not? Is this man going to be the Junk Mail Police. What came through my door recently, a painter, a cleaning service, a plumber, a pizza…who is to say they are junk? When my first album finally got a website I sent out a circular to my local residents  email circular, only to have some irritated local councillor complaining about me sending her junk…it was not junk to me…owch.

Yes yes, I know there is always an easier way, but I look through all my ‘junk’ mail and recycle that which is not for me. I mean you never know when you might need a pizza or a plumber….quick, look through the recyling and find a menu.

Yes yes, we could advertise everything on the internet, and word of mouth is the best form of advertising there is…but when  people  I have never met start knocking on my door, asking me to  talk to them about  paper invading their life, well it  seems a little ironic. Junk people…ha ha.  I think I might get a sign NO JUNK VISITORS….ha ha

Anyway…sorry about that. Have been in a room on my own for far too long. The visiting irate pensioner was the most exciting thing that happened to me today, apart from the fact that I sat in the laundrette washing my clothes in cold water…again, and watched as the builders  walking though with  bits of  the walls….by next week the laundrette will be an empty shell and I for one shall be wearing a black armband for several days, cos you get to hang out with a much much finer class of people in the laundrette than you ever get to  meet in the new corner yummy mummy media cafe…because people in the better class cafe don’t talk to strangers …and if you try and talk to someone they usually snub you, as they are on the tv  or something.

I did make soup and wrote a song! hurrah!

SONG OF THE DAY– Going Back to My Roots -Odyssey

Cracking song!

There is a bit in another language and I am now on the hunt for what it is, if you find out first let me know! Peace and Marmite.