I took this photo last week when I was knocking about round the Loire Valley in a coach, via Euro Star…the only way to travel – with my mum and Mr P. One of the places we visited was called Chenonceau, which, for reference has a railway station right next to the chateau (and the only reason I can spell it is because I bought a pencil in the gift shop) For moi, the best bit of the chateau, which is magnificent, was the vegetable garden. I have never see such colour and texture in one place.  I can say I was almost tempted to go home and get the spade and fork out…just for a minute. It has been said by some wise  person, and I am quoting this all wrong – if you want to be happy for 3 hours – drink, if you want to be happy for 3 days – get married, if you want to be happy for ever -garden….It always seems like far too much work…but one day who knows.

 SONG OF THE DAY – Big Yellow Taxi -Counting Crows

” Now that’s the most talented pineapple I have heard!’ If you watch the video you will know what I mean. It is lovely and colourful and for me, a great version of Joni Mitchell’s classic. I love Adam Duritz’s voice. He is a big Joni Mitchell fan rumour has it, he owns many copies of his favourite album -Blue ( it’s all about the colours today.)