Thirty days hath September

April, June and November

All the rest have 31

Except February clear

Which has 28 and 29 in each leap year!

This poem is another Mnemonic -which is just a fancy word that means a way of helping you  remembering something. I learned it somewhere, possibly not even at school but  it still comes in very handy for remembering how many days there are in each month.

I did have a little plea in a recent post for someone to come up with a new mnemonic for the colours of the rainbow, instead of Richard of York Gave Battle In  Vain check it out here. My mate CM was the only person who sorted me out with a couple of seriously catchy ditties, one involved Washing Bottles In Vim and I am still open for some more ideas please as the best I could do was ‘Rising Over Your Grand, Beautiful Island Views.’not very memorable.

I reckon more heads will do the trick..there must be a good ditty I can use in a song for kids.

My Song of the day has changed

It was gonna be Jolene Oh my God! I love this song…I sing it whenever I can. The guitar is great and have to say 37 years on, Dolly is looking pretty cool. Growing old gracefully is possibly overrated when I look at Ms Parton. She was 28 when this was recorded. The oh so pretty little blonde man with the sweetest little set of pearly whites ( clearing of throat) ) with the sexiest diddy shirt and pretty little diamante guitar strap  introduced her as ‘one of the prettiest sangiest songwriterest little blondes’.  I noticed Stonewall Jackson was not introduced as ‘one of the prettiest brunette little bitty songwriters ‘ ( spit spit…oh thats right I don’t spit) Dolly is not only a singer but plays the guitar, banjo, autoharp, piano, drums, appalacian dulcimer, penny whistle, recorder, fiddle, bass guitar and saxophone. Someone on an album once described me on  the cover  notes as  ‘ the mellifluous tones of a vivacious blonde lady ‘( pass the sick bag ),  no mention of any of the other instrumentalist’s hair colour or personality traits…..nuff said….so here is me on top of a hill with rainbow sox doing a cross between Kate Bush and Bungle..all my own work….Check out the 3 Bucket Jones youtube facebook etc….