Bit old fashioned but, Mr P.  digged, cleared, sowed, tended, watered, waited and now he is seeing the fruits of his labour, and I am getting to eat them! There is nothing in the world quite like the taste of a vegetable or fruit that has been picked and eaten in the same day. Last night we had a mixed vegetable thing with quinoa and tempeh and tonight we had mashed potato with buttered courgettes and beetroot with  creme fraiche and radish, all picked the same day. I could get used to this….but I feel if I am to I may have to participate

in the digging, clearing, sewing , tending, watering, waiting bit as well…the idea just make me feel tired. I suppose I could cook and Mr. P could grow them, though I have to say he has taken an avid interest in the preparation of the vegetables -perhaps if you grow things yourself, you  are going to  enjoy cooking them more too.  VIDEO OF THE DAY – The moon is almost full took this last night out  of my window.

Song of the Day – Ebony and Ivory- Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney Yup I know it is cheesy, but today of all days, I feel it is important to be reminded that as we celebrate our differences, we  remember that are all equal in the face of whatever god  or force of nature we choose to have faith in.