Funny current big album  -favourite to listen to on the old headphones, on the train, is  Anias Mitchell’s Hadestown – I am in love with Justin Vernon’s voice, (check out my song of the day 30th May) while at the other end of the flat, Mr P. is listening to some band called Bon Iver. Blimey I say, as I go in to his music zone to make tea…’that really sounds like Justin Vernon that Burl Ives, that you is listening to….Sorry Bon Iver’

and then I join up the dots as I wiki Bon Iver and hey presto we are listening to the same singer…we have found the music from completely different places…Another coincidence…my favourite string player Tanya Kalmanovitch who I was sitting next to talking about a track from the  Anais Mitchell album that I thought we should get our mate Brian Abrahams of the deepest richest voice to sing on a track called ‘the Wall’, and she pondered out loud “how do I know that name Anais, oh ..I played on the album” small world. Bon Iver are playing the UK but seem to be completely sold out, unless I am doing something wrong on tinternet. That would have been a nice bonding gig for me and the hubby to go together. Ah well.

I am posting the album version and Justin singing it live too…..Justin can  you come and do my backing vocals, please?..when I have spent 3 months in a secluded mountain cabin -um sorry  small back  room in North London and finished it…you never know!…I shall keep Michael McDonald as a reserve in case Justin is busy.