Happy Hand Washing Day

It’s National Handwashing Day. Yup there is a day for everything. Today we are reminded on the importance of regular handwashing, especially at this time of year, if you are working with kids, keyboards or the general publique. I have a dear friend who methodically wipes down every piano and keyboard he comes in contact with  and I can see why. Now I heard to do really effective hand washing you had to sing the whole of ‘Happy Birthday ( inside voice please) To You’, for the process to be effective. I have to say I am getting a bit more obsessive about hand washing in my old age. If I have been on the tube I usually remember to wash my hands as soon as I come in bla bla.

So in celebration of this marvellous day I am off to get a bit of a lather going. Good Clean Fun!

SONG OF THE DAY  – Apparat – Black Water

 A bit of Elecronic music from Berlin today…I asked Mr P. for a recommendation as he is the ‘forward ‘ music man of the house. This is the sort of stuff he is listening to. A bit of info about Apparat.

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