Last night I had my first ever guitar lesson…like they say, better late than never!

I learned how to read tab ( which for some reason I have to say in a broad Northumbrian accent)..weyay Ah Can reeed Tab!

that simple

It is so simple and was explained to me by my fabulous teacher in about 5 seconds…so I shall explain it to you. You have your six horizontal lines, just the same as the staves on a piece of manuscript paper. Each line represents one of the six guitar strings, the bottom line is the lowest string and onwards, and upwards. The number on the line tells you what fret you are pressing and the number below the stave is the finger you are using to press it down. Brilliant! Then you either get the notation above so you can see the rhythm , or you can add rhythm to the tabs….like so… the bit below is all played on the bottom string using frets open , 2 and 3….which sound something like this.

All I have to do now is practice like hours every day  because my muscle memory like my short term memory is an  exceedingly hard nut  to crack.

SONG OF THE DAY -Angelo Badalamenti- Twin Peaks Theme

Less is more is the moral of the tale for this piece of music which must repeat the first riff  enough times that is just  bores ( in possibly using both meanings of the word) a hole in your head.