Today is the day of the year when we are mean to  celebrate and give thanks for all the amazing teachers on the planet because it is World Teachers’ Day.’ Since 1994 World Teachers’ Day has been celebrated on this day’‘ and it is the first I have ever heard of it and I have been a ‘qualified’ teacher since 1993. ‘It is an opportunity for UNESCO and Education International to celebrate the profession and to promote international standards for the teaching profession.’ Well blow me down with a feather, and there we were just 2 days ago thinking we should start hugging every teacher we met, and there it is …we have a special day …..and I did not even know!

Perhaps it would be fitting to make World Teachers Day the day when people who think teachers have way too much time off, could come in and ‘be a teacher for a day’, and let the teachers have ( you guessed it) another day off! ha ha …imagine how that would go down with the Daily Mail set, I can see the disgruntled headlines now. I read a very funny thing when I googled  the ‘Daily Mail and teachers’. It seems that teachers are responsible for many of the world’s ills and for the fact that Andy Murray lost Wimbledon…seriously ….here’s the link! it’s very funny.

I also think it is important to recognise that we all have the facility to ‘teach’, learn and share just like we all have the facility to ‘parent’.  Happy World Teachers Day!

SONG OF THE DAYManu Chau – Me Gustas tu

We got this album a few years ago… it’s all good.