Yesterday with Mr P.

Fishing is something I do not think I will ever be able to do, or should I say be, because I find that sitting still business really hard.  Mr P. goes fishing with Jane and they sitting totally still for hours at a time..not my idea of a good time. This is when I realise the difference between Mr P. and myself. He is  more of a a  blissful be-er ( not the stuff you drink ) and I am  more of  a  divine doer. He has always been able to be still, where as I seem to be happily spinning plates most of the time -I bet that is bad grammar!

The carp is getting ready for its closeup

One day I would like to be a blissful be-er, but right this minute I  have far too many exciting things to do to be sitting next to a pond in the cold October glow.. ha ha ha.

Oh and in case you were worried, they do not eat the fish, they go back into the pond once they have had their close up! They are also a bit bony for my liking. A bit of a Christmas delicacy in  parts of Eastern Europe, where they buy them and keep them alive in their baths until Christmas Eve when they are fried in some sort of batter. I did partake in the Czech Republic one Christmas Eve in 1999 when we had a hair brained idea that spending Christmas on a cut priced coach holiday to Prague and the Czech Republic with a load of serious beer drinkers  would be fun…ha ha ha . It was not. We spent the whole holiday trying to avoid all the other people in the party who were usually  beating each other up in  drunken late night events organised by the coach tour – deep joy for 2 teetotallers. Carp are really boney, there must be an art to eating it, unless they just gave us the tiddlers as they thought we would not know any better……..

SONG OF THE DAY – Brooklyn ( owes the charmer under me)

It has been a long time since I posted the first musical love of my life…Steely Dan, introduced to me by Don Kentish….where are you now?