Dear sweet Mr P. was cleaning out his work bag.  I took a picture of all the work gloves that came out and were laid on the floor for matching and  inspection.  Mr. P’s hands were added to the picture.

I have been very hand orientated recently as I am practicing the guitar everyday until they ache, which does not see to be long. I had a strange moment when Mr P. told me how good it was that I was learning a new skill at my age and I suddenly had one of those moments when I thought that I was maybe too old to learn something new. The thing is I am enjoying it so much. Also when I went to the hospital last week the consultant put the comma in the wrong place and called me a 52 year….old woman. Not yet I shouted not yet! In Greece I am still considered young see link!  I am still trying to put that one away, as, like I harp on, it is never too late. Must remember my own advise. Ah the sound of early morning  drilling! The man on the TV who is having his house excavated, is not making any friends, as both houses on either side  of his are cracking and moving, as are his neighbours (not moving, as in moving house, but definitely cracking up) as his builders wake us all up every day since July. Deep Joy.

SONG OF THE DAY Bill Withers – Grandma’s Hands/Use Me