A tricky one for me…I buy dark leaf vegetables and sadly and shockingly they usually managed to creep into the lowest deepest corner of the fridge, you know the place, where you have to lie on the floor on your hands and knees to see what is in there. That special place where you find things when they are limp, lifeless and crawling out of the fridge of their own accord. I do try with broccoli but only about once a week does it make it into a meal of some description, so I thought…super food…let us try to form a relationship with Spirulina, one of the so called superfoods of the universe… I mean it is dark green, so it must be good. The only problem I have always had with Spirulina is the colour, and the taste… it comes in powder and tablet form….how on earth do you eat it without everything tasting of algae? Also it is so hard to wash up, as the green algae seems to harden on any plates and glasses…..yuk. And now I have the taste of green algae in my mouth until my next glass of  neat gin ( which won’t be until my next life)

I added it to my porridge this morning. HUGE MISTAKE not only did my porridge turn a very unattractive shade of bottle green, all other flavours vanished to the taste of blue-green algae. Once again I think my chances of forming any long term committed relationship with Spirulina is pretty much doomed. Any ideas please?

Aargh…and now having just bought a new battery for my tatty but well loved camera I have just tripped over the wire while downloading the picture of this pesky bowl of green slop and the front has bent and the lense cover won’t shut. Breathe in, breathe out….hummmmmmm.

SONG OF THE DAY – You’ll Never Walk Alone – Gerry and the Pacemakers

I am arranging this for a big choir,  a special event (more later) so if I have to listen to this version all day, I do not see why I should not share it  and make you listen to it all day too…possibly one of the most overplayed songs in the universe….well it will be by the end of my day… I wonder if  Richard Rogers or Oscar Hammerstein ever had  dreams where they saw millions of  mostly men  in red singing this little ditty with huge voices in massive outdoor spaces, a little song  that was tucked away in the second act of the musical, Carousel. Please let me grow to love it. Please let me grow to love it. Please let me grow to love it. Please let me grow to love it.