Woops, and the day had been going so well. Just thought I would have a little nap in the afternoon as I had done everything I had put on my list to achieve in the morning and thought a little rest would take me through the evening work section of the day.

Something went a little bit awry with my 20 minute power nap which turned into a 2 hour snooze fest, and I had completely forgotten about the chicken stock I had lightly simmering on the stove. My bed is a long way from the kitchen due to our flat resembling a long  thin corridor, so I did not notice the smell until just before I opened the kitchen door, where I was welcomed by a kitchen of thick grey smoke. I could not see past my nose. The kitchen has a heat alarm, not a smoke alarm so it does not go off every time you burn the toast, so no alarms had gone off. Oh no! I tried to get the pan off the hob and take it into the garden. It was stuck to the hob, I tugged and tugged , finally got it off raced into the garden with it…opened every door and waited in the garden for the smog to clear.

Forgot to turn the hob off and when yanking the stuck cast iron pan off the hob the glass top cracked!  So everything smells of burn and my best cast iron pan and the top of the very old cooker are completely mashed. Ah well. The curtains got washed and the place got cleaned, no more creative work was done…I sense the lingering smell of burn will haunt the place for a while yet.

SONG OF THE DAY- Forever Young – Bob Dylan

The words are lovely…I always think of forever young meaning…not looking young , but feeling young in your heart.