Photo of the Day – My Walk to Work

Usually my walk to work takes me to the tube, which I share with millions of people. I then trawl my way through the crowds at one or other of the mainline stations in London, with yet more crowds of people rushing to their places of work –that is apart from the tourists who like to stop dead in their tracks, right in the middle of walkways to study their maps, or feel the need to stroll  in such a relaxed way, with no thought for the fact that most of the City still has to work.

Well,  my walk to work this Sunday was substantially different. I walked down a leafy road, and met no people and no cars. On the way back to my place of rest I strolled down a green lane, again the only thing I met was a bunch of very clean poultry…I could get used to this.

But I can’t, so I won’t, and will return to window less underground, noisy, thin walled life in the metropolis. One more breath of fresh clean air. One more step on a large cow pat before I make my way back.



This is a great Live version from TOTPs 1974…great bv’s

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