Just a quick reminder of how beautiful we all  are. This is fun…the video makes me laugh. Chris Brown is very talented and seems unable to ever stay still…. and is great one for a quick ‘shuffle’,  well actually,  not. It is just a way of getting this ‘how to’ video into today’s post as  you are probably meant to do a completely different nubee step to this one (shuffle is a   dance-move…not an impersonation of someone wearing oversized slippers on the newly waxed parquet flooring round the kitchen table… so go on…..) Also very glad to see that the two piece leopard print track suit is back as an essential for the man about town…I have missed it.

so I hope you paid  attention, cos I wanna see some serious shuffling going down…she is almost crying but this time with hysterical tears ……of laughter…..because it’s actually a rather good dance move for polishing the floor, and so versatile…two moves in one (choking back the guffaws) I shall be practising and will get back to you! Now sit back and enjoy the song x