Blimey I hit the publish by mistake and there is was…tried to back track  seconds later but it is still there on my facebook page, ragged and unfinished…there is a moral in the tale…always look at the buttons before you press them, as this is an unfinished post now scheduled for tomorrow – which is now today. I know, I know, none of this makes  any sense at all…but the good thing is that I am still here, not missing a day!

I was woken from a deep sleep (due to a fairly late night) at 8.01am in the morning by the sound of drilling ( I know that some of you have already swum a mile, tidied your house, written an essay by now, but it is still a trifle early for me, as I am on my holidays). I was only saying the other week in a post how nice and quiet it was down my way now people are tightening their belts a bit. Spoke too blinking soon.  Yesterday there was a kanga ( thats my name for one of those things that chops up concrete and looks like a pogo stick) and a circular saw going on all day, today some other thing  pounding all day long with a drilling name. Mr P actually recognised the sound as a A245bla bla.

Who is having work done ? Well it had to be one of the  tv presenters did it not? Our area is now teeming with lovely lovies and media types..which is fine except, they often tend  not make eye contact, incase you recognise them from the tv, and you have to look the other way incase they think you are looking at them ‘cos you recognize them from the tv, when in fact you are just being neighbourly, as you met them at the local acoustic club more than once, so it makes it more difficult to get a sense of community unless your children are sitting next to their children at the local school…as I have no children …well that’s the end of that.

I popped round to the house where the drilling was coming from, knocked on the door, just to check how long the noise was possibly  going on for…all polite, like…sometimes it is better to know, than not to, so you can prepare yourself for the worst, and the driller told me they are having an extension and some excavation work done, and it could take some time…oooohhhmmmm….splendid.The people behind the drilling obviously have   a secure future ahead  at the old tv company, with no question in their mind of any imminent redundancy, or possibly just a good saver-upper.

So there, my mind is made up…I shall not be spending the rest of my well earned holiday sitting in my garden lounging under the mantle of the sycamore and chestnut trees reading Keats, composing poems and plucking at my lute. Nor shall I be flinging all the doors and windows open ( I can still hear it with all the doors shut). Sorry folks but I am praying for lots of rain and  cold weather until I go back to work. Mean, yes, self-centred, yes. But then perhaps having extensive work done on your house in the summer holidays could be said to be the same. Perhaps they told their next door neighbours, but when you live in a large square  of terraces, everyone is involved in your ‘outdoor pursuits’ due to the acoustics ( not a posh square, one side is on the main road, three sides are on leafy conservation territory….I am next to the bus stop, but having said that it get posher all the time, especially since we have a farmers market within spitting distance) more people will hear it than your next door neighbours.

If I started singing in my garden, people in about 60 houses would hear me, with their windows closed, because of the way the sound bounces against all the buildings. If we reckon that most of the houses are split into 3 or 4 flats with an average of 2-3  in each, it means I have a good chance of singing to an audience of about 250 neighbours on any morning at about 8am…and there are lots of freelance people who are definately later risers than me…easy….nice gig, and so little travelling. ha ha ha.

Life….its good innit?

SONG OF THE DAY – Let ’em In -Wings

Nothing to say about this track……..just listen and let it wash over you….and have a good day you hear!