I phoned Mr P. when I was away at the weekend, and his excitement at getting a new NHS dentist had been turned into something I can only call down-right depression. The  charming dentist  told him that  both the bridges in his lower  mouth were going to have to come out as the teeth underneath were un-saveable and he would have to have…..

( I am whispering this as Mr P. is still feeling a bit sensitive) a back denture on both sides, plus expensive root canal work. Mr P. did not quite realise how much it would upset him, but it did. Thank the Lord I bullied him into getting a second opinon. All is ok…. the teeth can be saved. Hurrah! If you ask me nicely, and live locally I will name and shame, but only with a quiet whisper in your shell-like.

Did you know in about 20 years from now  we might be growing new teeth with the aid of new technology and no-one will ever need to wear wood, metal, pottery, mercury or rubber in their mouths again. Also many people are popping over to places like Bulgaria to get cheaper screw in teeth and the like, so if yours have already been removed, there is still hope of replacement.

Enough on teeth!

We celebrated the good news with a vegetarian lunch in the famous Drummond Street Ravi Shankar ( from the menu, not the buffet). The lunch was lovely and oh my…how nice have the staff become. I remember years ago, they were very grumpy, now they are all smiles and hearts -and it looks like they have given the place a lick of paint too. They have a different veggie ‘lunch of the day’  each day of the week – Wunch was  an delcious veg biryani, with baby aubergines in it, which Mr. P had, and I had my favourite, Masala Dosa ( a big rice pancake filled with spicy potato, served with a coconut  and little veg stewy daal side dish). Popped into the amazing spice shop next door and took bags of corriander and cumin seeds and big lumps of cinnamon bark. Hurrah for second opinons……!


So in 24 hours we have lost  our washing clothes facility and the TV. We have  gaffa taped the milk drawer on the door of the Zanussi fridge freezer  so often,  we have just decided to give up milk. One of the freezer drawers snapped off.  The John Lewis dishwasher died and it is just out of it’s 4 year guarantee, so we are using it as a cupboard. The  old Creda oven door snapped off, and the halogen has bust, so all in all I picked the right year to decide to give it all up and write songs….ha ha ha . I love the Universe.

The Laundrette has finally closed for good…after 3 months of cold washes, most of the customers had taken the hint, not us… . Mr P. took 2 big bags over yesterday, only to find what we had known was the inevitable, ‘closed for good’ sign, and brought them straight back, so we spent the day  at the stream with a wash board, put it all on the line, and then it started to chuck down!

Last night after a full day of cleaning and scraping, I collapsed into the sofa to find the tv looked a bit strange. A funny pattern in the top left hand corner, and loads of disturbances. Mentioned it to Mr P. and he put his hands in his head and started to moan. It seemed that a wooden candlestick holder that my dear mother bought us fell off a shelf and hit the tv on the top, of the tv, not on the screen. It seems that is enough damage to buffer ( I am keeping this clean…moved my finger one to the left on the keyboard ) the screen completely. SO LET THIS BE A LESSON TO YOU ALL. The moral of this tale is don’t throw or drop things anywhere near your new lcd tv, and don’t have any books or ornaments behind it that may drop on it. Now I was ready to let go of the tv altogether. Find something else to do instead. But sadly Mr P. needs it for “the football”( knarl knarl) so it will be replaced.

Right were is that sidding guitar. I feel a blues song coming on. ( Not really)

SONG OF THE DAY – Stevie Wonder -Another Star

Continuing with the star theme, let me introduce one of the brightest ones. Live at Glastonbury 2010. What a joyous thing. His voice sounds amazing and the band…well the band… he introduces them all (apart from the choir).

Usually my walk to work takes me to the tube, which I share with millions of people. I then trawl my way through the crowds at one or other of the mainline stations in London, with yet more crowds of people rushing to their places of work –that is apart from the tourists who like to stop dead in their tracks, right in the middle of walkways to study their maps, or feel the need to stroll  in such a relaxed way, with no thought for the fact that most of the City still has to work.

Well,  my walk to work this Sunday was substantially different. I walked down a leafy road, and met no people and no cars. On the way back to my place of rest I strolled down a green lane, again the only thing I met was a bunch of very clean poultry…I could get used to this.

But I can’t, so I won’t, and will return to window less underground, noisy, thin walled life in the metropolis. One more breath of fresh clean air. One more step on a large cow pat before I make my way back.



This is a great Live version from TOTPs 1974…great bv’s

 I went to see Stevie Wonder in concert a couple of years ago at the O2 in London. I was not expecting to cry all the way through it. He came on late, we were very crochety by then. Our seats were in the back row. It is a bit of a schlep to get to  the O2 and a pretty crappy to get home from, as you have to get on the tube with thousands of other people and just be prepared to wait in line, and ignore any feeling of claustrophobia, or leave before the encore.

Stevie came on and I kid you not, the whole arena just lit up, he  completely filled it with love. His voice was magnificent. He sung every song I asked for, and in the right order too. I sang all the way through it…really loud so he could hear me ( ha ha ha 70 rows back..I don’t think so, I did wonder the next day why I could not speak).

The reason I mention all this was that the death of his dear mother inspired him to go on tour again, and I am so glad I can now say I was in the same building as Stevie Wonder.

Today is the 5th Anniversary of her death.  Her name was Lula Mae Hardaway and was born in 1930.  Lula co-wrote many of her son’s songs during his teenage years including the hit singles “I Was Made to Love Her” and “Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours”. For co-writing the latter song, she was nominated for the 1970 Grammy Award for Best R&B Song and was also the subject of a 2002 biography entitled, “Blind Faith: The Miraculous Journey of Lula Hardaway, Stevie Wonder’s Mother” which I think I am going to read, as she was a remarkable woman, and I had no idea she co-wrote some of those remarkable songs….I have arranged and the choir have sung Signed Sealed Delivered. So many good songs. 

SONG OF THE DAYFor Once in My Life -Stevie Wonder -THIS IS SUCH A GREAT CURRENT LIVE VERSION.  Written by Miller and Murden.  This is Miller’s most famous hit song and  was written the night his daughter Angel was born. It is one of the most covered songs in pop history with more than 270 recorded versions.

Bless you Mr Wonder. x x x