The last couple of weeks have been interesting to say the least. More of that later. One of the things we have been doing a lot of is train travel, drawing and watching butterflies.  Here are photos and drawings of the butterflies in question.  The real, live ones I took last week, when we were  hanging out in the divine Shropshire hills. The orange butterfly drawing on the left  was all the work of our 7 year old nephew. The other two were coloured in by  our 4 year old neice with the help of me and Mr P. I have to say I am most partial to a bit of colouring in, and would be happy to spend all day with a bunch of friends just sitting round a table full of crayons, felt tips and gel pens  drawing pretty pictures and then filling them full of doodly coloured things.

I have always had a thing about coloured pencils, paint, pencil sharpeners (post 19th march)…more so from my late teenage years when we were prone to stay up night with friends doodling. So if you ever want to shut me up, you know what to do.

SONG OF THE DAY  Someone Saved My Life Tonight (live)  -Elton John

Its funny but poor old Elton became a bit of a cliche of himself to the point that lots of people do not hear his songs as they are so busy looking at the tiaras and tantrums. I was brought up in Watford between 7 and 18 years old, so Elton  was  bit of a local hero. In the mid 70’s, a friend of mine at school was mad about him, and won a competition to meet him, and he kissed her…she was over the moon…! I had another friend who was a jeweller in Hatton Gardens in the 80’s and designed a Watford rosette full of yellow and black stones for Mr John…presumabably ordered by the man himself.  I was trying to think of a song that had butterflies in it and this was the one that got stuck. This 1976 version is wonderous…great voice.