So in 24 hours we have lost  our washing clothes facility and the TV. We have  gaffa taped the milk drawer on the door of the Zanussi fridge freezer  so often,  we have just decided to give up milk. One of the freezer drawers snapped off.  The John Lewis dishwasher died and it is just out of it’s 4 year guarantee, so we are using it as a cupboard. The  old Creda oven door snapped off, and the halogen has bust, so all in all I picked the right year to decide to give it all up and write songs….ha ha ha . I love the Universe.

The Laundrette has finally closed for good…after 3 months of cold washes, most of the customers had taken the hint, not us… . Mr P. took 2 big bags over yesterday, only to find what we had known was the inevitable, ‘closed for good’ sign, and brought them straight back, so we spent the day  at the stream with a wash board, put it all on the line, and then it started to chuck down!

Last night after a full day of cleaning and scraping, I collapsed into the sofa to find the tv looked a bit strange. A funny pattern in the top left hand corner, and loads of disturbances. Mentioned it to Mr P. and he put his hands in his head and started to moan. It seemed that a wooden candlestick holder that my dear mother bought us fell off a shelf and hit the tv on the top, of the tv, not on the screen. It seems that is enough damage to buffer ( I am keeping this clean…moved my finger one to the left on the keyboard ) the screen completely. SO LET THIS BE A LESSON TO YOU ALL. The moral of this tale is don’t throw or drop things anywhere near your new lcd tv, and don’t have any books or ornaments behind it that may drop on it. Now I was ready to let go of the tv altogether. Find something else to do instead. But sadly Mr P. needs it for “the football”( knarl knarl) so it will be replaced.

Right were is that sidding guitar. I feel a blues song coming on. ( Not really)

SONG OF THE DAY – Stevie Wonder -Another Star

Continuing with the star theme, let me introduce one of the brightest ones. Live at Glastonbury 2010. What a joyous thing. His voice sounds amazing and the band…well the band… he introduces them all (apart from the choir).