Though I have a feeling my visitors this weekend may still think it is a bit  grubby. So why have I spent the last two days on my hands and knees, cleaning bits of my flat that have not been cleaned for um… let’s just call it, sometime?

Is it because I want to create a good impression and not look like an otter slut..(I am going to keep that typo in as I think it could catch on…), or is it because I don’t want them to feel really uncomfortable? Probably a bit of both. It’s quite nice to  be able to see bits of floor I have not seen for a couple of seasons, and I yearn for the place to look tidy all the time, but as I have said before, creativity and tidyness don’t always go together.

I remember reading  “The Artist’s Way” a fine piece of work to get you in touch with your creative side,

and it does mention how easy it is to not do something creative because there is always housework to be done instead – particularly  problem for women (though, in this day and age, I think anyone can get distracted by a messy litchen…sorry kitchen). That is my excuse for the fact I found dust, rubbish and grime  everywhere on my travels round my flat. I have to ignore it a lot or I would never have time to do anything creative…you know what they say…a woman’s work is never done, so if you want to do something else , you have to ignore the house work sometimes…or get a house boy.

I bet Salvador Dali  never did the dishes ……

I have also  spent way too much time with my head down the toilet because of the hard water limescale thing we have here. I let it build up and now I cannot remove it all, and I know that could really upset my visitors delicate sensibilities…..All sorts of handy hints and tips on the net, about what to throw down it, and  as I am not a great lover of throwing regular amounts of chemicals down my toilet just so it looks white… I keep on scrubbing…and slowly slowly. Funny thing as I have several key memories in my life when I spent time  with my head down a toilet cleaning off the London limescale.

Fortunately most of my  good friends could not give a stuff about my messy flat.

SONG OF THE DAY – AIR – Kelly Watch the Stars

Continuing with the stars theme.

Possibly a bit repetitive lyrically, but good for having a tidy up. Lovely album.  Another band introduced to me by Mr. P. Air is a music duo from Versailles, France, they appear in the video as the paramedics and the two lads playing computer tennis. The name Air is derived the backronym Amour, Imagination, Rêvewhich translates to Love, Imagination, Dream.