Songs About Rain

We play this game with my singy friends called 8 over 1, where someone choses a word, like rain and you have to think of 8 songs that have the word in them and sing a bit of it. Sometimes it turns into a bit of a sing song, if people know any of the words that is! When we have 8 songs, the person who get the last song choses the next word…

So lets play now. Songs with rain in them…um

1.Here Comes the Rain Again – The Eurythmics

2.It’s Raining Men – The Weather Girls

3.Raining in my Heart-Buddy Holly

 4. Red Rain-Peter Gabriel

5. Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head-Sacha Distel

6. I Can’t Stand the Rain -Tina Turner

7. It’s Raining Again -Supertramp

8. Thunder only Happens When it’s Raining – Fleetwood Mac.

there 8 …so now I get to chose the next category…um..horses…see if you can find 8 sings with horse or horses in the lyric…I’ll start, Crazy Horses, by the Osmonds…you turn…

SONG OF THE DAY -Freemasons -Rain Down Love -Mr P’s favourite video…can’t see it myself…but I like the track….if you fancy a dance round the table, now is your chance.

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