OH MY LORDIE! Where did the time go?…I looked at the date and there it was! Today is the longest day…I must have blinked and May and June just went …..Tomorrow it will start to slowly get darker again. I am in deep shock. It always seems absurd for the kids not to be on holiday at this time of the year when the nights are so light, because by the time you get to the end of July /August  you are already losing so much light and the end of August it is all over for the long evenings for camping and walking.

It is always a bit depressing, though the up-side is when we do get to December 21st, I am always a bit uplifted that it starts to get light a little bit at a time. So 17.16pm today in the Northern hemisphere is the time when the axis of the wotsit meets the oojamiflip og the whatever.

Today is a day when it is cool to be a pagan/druid  and dance around things. I reckon it is cool to be a druid and a pagan any day.  Stonhenge is  definitely the place to be seen! A bit like Trafalgar Square on New Years Eve, I always think it would be great to go, but always end up not, due to my reticence to being in places with big crowds and no chance of a  decent toilet opportunity. Rubbish – I know. So today I just need to remember that it is the longest day and breathe it in with all my might. Take in all that light and remember it for those days when it is dark and gloomy.

SONG OF THE DAY– SANDY DENNY – Demo version of Who Knows Where the Time Goes. Did not really know this singer until along time after her premature death in 1978.  Seems apt today to listen to this. Don’t get too sad.