And what a moment it was…You will not have any idea what I am blithering on about if you are not an Australian soap addict. Its my only vice…honest. 20 minutes a day when I actually sit down and do nothing except watch Neighbours. I have no other bad habits, apart from giving too much good advice and getting annoyed if people talk too much about themselves, and …ok I am messy and…um yes there are more…ok ok. But Neighbours addicts will know that this one has been running and running and running and running…..and finally Andrew cracked just as Sky was being taken away by her step mum. A tear was shed…..

SO I bet you just wished you had not looked today…sorreeee

SONG OF THE DAY -Van Morrison- Brown Eyed Girl

Funny cos Van the Man has not had a look in yet and he has had some sparkling moments in my life. SO….Here’s Van. Lypsyncing in 1967! funny bit of film…I had no idea the track was so old!