Sorry if you find this a bit close to the edge of vulgardum.( Now that is a good word to add to my ever hormonally diminishing vocab!) As my mate RS so rightly commented, f** royal wedding day holidays, lets make “Tits-Up Wednesday” a national holiday.

So first what are we actually dealing with here? Tits-up

quoted from (phrases website )


Inoperative; broken. The term is also used to mean fallen over (on one’s back) quoting  ‘This is a 20th century phrase, probably of military origin. There’s certainly no mention of it in print prior to WWII. It has been suggested that the term derives from the behaviour of aeroplanes’ altitude indicators, which turn upside down when faulty and display an inverted ‘W’ resembling a pair of breasts. ( must say that would suggest tits-down to me!..ed. ) There’s no real evidence to support this speculation and it seems more likely that the phrase is just a vulgar alternative to the earlier ‘belly-up’, which has the same meaning.

‘Belly-up’ is an allusion to fish, which float that way when ‘dead in the water’. This expression was known in the USA by the 1920s, often related to bancruptcy or other commercial disasters. 

What I am imagining  is  a National Holiday, when we have permission for anything that could go wrong, to go wrong, but with the permission that we can get back into bed, put the covers over our head and wait until Thursday to  have to deal with them. No one can send you any bills, bailiffs, nasty emails, bad news on “T-U Wednesday”. If they do you are within your legal right to ignore it, and go back to bed. We might need one every Wednesday?


-Finding a song that started with the words Wednesday was easier than I thought , as I was pracising it for one of my classes! ha ha