Would you rather be super intelligent or extremely good looking?

This is the blog suggestion for the day…well my answer to this is NEITHER. Both of these attributes are, in my opinion, completely over-rated. I would like to be a bit attractive and, well  clever enough . I have  some ‘super intelligent’ mensa -candidate friends, who are the stupidest people I know, and I have some extremely good looking friends who are just down right ugly people. Give me SUPER SENSITIVE AND EXTREMELY HEALTHY any day. No attributes are of any use what so ever if you don’t have  good health,  and  the sensitivity to appreciate everything around you. I wanna be able to see, hear, touch, smell taste and create! Don’t really care about being a genius or Miss World.

So back to important matters. Spring is sprung and I did not even notice. The first signs in our small Victorian garden are out. The  honey suckle and the small lilac tree are always the first to show shoots and the vinburnum flowers and  has leaves too

…next doors forsythia is about to burst out in that tasteless garrish yellow.

So have to keep my eyes and nose peeled every day for the action that nature is coming out to play!


Mylo vs. miami sound machine – doctor pressure…It is a day for dancing round the kitchen…honing your dance moves -even if all the dancing is happening inside!

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