So once again…Mrs non-driver is on a train and the ticket man comes round. There is a young man opposite me in a flat cap and  much Pringle gear ( bag, puffa waistcoat) , Daily Star and headphones…looking very dapper. The ticket inspector looks at his ticket and says ‘You have paid for a first class and you are in standard….” The young gent in a very broad London accent say “waz the diffrence”. The rest of us in the train titter for different reasons. “Not alot ” says the ticket man ‘ Well I’ll stay ‘ere then’ Says the well dressed young man. Way hey…now that what I call class…Buy a first class ticket then sit in  a standard ( what we used to  call 2nd class seat).

Which made me wonder, when did ‘second class’ change its name to ‘standard’ ? That means that soon the title ‘second class citizen’ will have no reasonance. The title should be replaced by ‘standard class citizen’, which just sounds sort of meaningless.


Bit of a special treat for Sunday Morning

A special performance of  the Hot n’ Cold By Katherine Brand dance by me and the Mr.

Me and the old man did this for a purpose. I had a weekend with a Youth Choir and made up the dance, posted it on Youtube  before the event, and they all learned it and then about 20 of us performed it together in blue or red outfits at the cabaret on the Saturday night. We videoed this very late one night after work, but think it might brighten you day…particularly the Ramones wig, and me in my pyjamas!