I love this song and this version is going to blow you away! 75 kids from 11 to 16 yrs old ( there are about 6 lads singing bass)  singing my arrangement of Chasing Cars – learned and performed in a matter of a few hours. It’s  SO worth listening to it all. I would love Snow Patrol to hear this  – does anyone know them? It was a  fantabulous experience conducting it too, though today I have conducteritis – a newly named condition that manifests itself as a rather bruised feeling on the upper arms, from  waving them about for extended periods of time ( like 8 hours

positively Wagnerian!)-  the condition does not have to be gained  from conducting music –  it could be from winning at bingo over and over again,

or waving for  a really  long time as all your friends and enemies leave one at a time on slow boats to the Isle of White…that sort of thing.

So seat belts on and listen up…its worth it.


Chasing Cars  performed on 4th Feb 2011

Chasing Cars(click on title to hear the kids singing)

and….better have the original too! happy weekend!