I OFTEN THINK I AM HAVING A BAD HAIR LIFE. Mr P. gets so bored with me going on and on and on about my hair. It’s short , it’s long, it’s curly, blonde, brown, red, maroon and really surely I should be getting to an age where it really should have no importance anymore…but it still does…I can tell you exactly what style of hair I had at any time over the last twenty years. Shall I have it cut, shall I grow it? I cut it, I cry, I grow it, I hate it. What is it about hair that the day before you go to the hairdressers it decides to sort itself out . Oh your hair looks nice…funny that..Going to have it cut tomorrow. Now it gets worse…my face is going south so have to completely re-think the whole hair thing…again. Women of a certain age really need to be even more diligent  about the  dead cells growing out of their skulls.

But I have found a temporary answer to all my problems! Cosmopolitans, celebrity makeover page ha ha ha ha. So here are  photos of, me, Mr P and his work collegue sporting our new Madonna and  Kirsten Stewart  Posh looks.  I tell you what …it is no good for writers block…and rubbish for the morale…but did we laugh.

One of the best bits about these celebrity hairdo is that not only do you get their coiffeurary, but a cute new little chin too…Wierd, as most celebs have the same pointy chin – before this moment I never realised that my chin was big and oblong, as the thing I noticed when falling around hysterically at all the hairdos was my lack of chin! Also how if we all had the same chin the rest of our features would sort of meld into one.

So while we  do a bit of Vogueing round the kitchen  I am only a chin away from looking just like Victoria Beckham ( in my dreams)  Sorry….will try to get back to some semblance of madness tomorrow.


Sorrow  – David Bowie

‘with your long blonde hair and your eyes of blue’

Pin Ups- a great album of Bowies take on British 60’s covers.